Monday, August 20, 2007

Rock of Love Drinking Game

The closer this series gets to the finale (there are only six sexy ladies left)... the closer we are to... a Rock of Love Marathon! (Come on, you know they're going to do one... and even if they don't, VH1 repeats their shows so often that we're bound to be watching this one for months).

Since we love bad reality shows like Rock of Love and we love drinking even more...

The Rock of Love Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:

-Bret says that something turns him on (Lacey's musical talent, Erin's total lack of musical talent, the fact that Sam is a fan of his music, the fact that Magdalena has never heard his music, someone's fake plastic breasts, the fake plastic fern in the corner, etc.)

-Bret mentions that he has a hard on

-Heather flashes her breasts

-Rodeo cries...or laughs...or wheezes...or all three at the same time

-you see Mia and wonder, "who the hell is that chick?"

-Lacey tells us that she is a musician

-Sam gets googly-eyed because she dreams of a serious relationship with Bret

-Sam cries because Bret kisses/touches/looks at/stands near/breaths on another girl

-someone mentions making a "connection"

-someone says "I'm really here for love"

-someone accuses someone else of being there for fame or TV

-one of girls talks about how one of the other girls doesn't deserve Bret or isn't right for him

-one of the girls pole dances

-Tiffany says "Don't threaten me with a good time!"

-Tiffany says something incomprehensible

-we're reminded that Heather is a  stripper

-Lacey schemes a way to get another girl kicked off

-one of the girls mentions how much they hate Lacey (drink double if it's Jes, triple if the terms "devil", "demon" or "evil bitch from hell" are used)

-Brandi C. calls Bret her "boyfriend"

-someone says the phrase "clown tits" or "circus tits"

-Rodeo mentions "the children"

Heather or Lacey tries to "protect Bret" by telling him shit about the other girls

-Lacey and Dallas fight over killing animals 

-Bret gives Brandi M. a new random nickname

-the producers slow down Magdalena's voice to sound even lower than it already is

-one of the girls makes fun of another girl for being too manly (bonus drink if it's Magdalena talking about Rodeo)

-Bret has trouble fitting the VIP pass over someone's huge/ridiculous hairstyle

-Bret mentions that every night is a party when you're on tour

there is mention of the "party" getting started

-Kristia and Brandi C. talk about being "best friends"

-Lacey... is annoying

-someone mentions Erin's "boyfriend" or "fiance"

-someone with huge fake breasts makes fun of someone else for having huge fake breasts

-someone references "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", or you hear it playing in the background

-Bret's hair looks ridiculous

-Bret's outfit looks ridiculous

(Who are we kidding with this?  We're all going to die of alcohol poisoning.)

We'd like to give a very special thank you Tess, Shar, the Bearded Lady, verlybabe, raz and the rest of the evil sluts from our message board who helped contribute to this game. We'd also like to thank Rich Juzwiak, the writer of the VH1 Celebreality blog. We love him. More than he could ever know. His blogs are as entertaining than the shows themselves. Maybe more so.

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