Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is all a little too "fruity" for me

Jezebel and Lilith watch The Pick-Up Artist... and then resist the urge to vomit.

Ewwww. Are you watching this?

I'm watching on and off. I had to change it when they were making out with peaches.

Yeah, we need a disclaimer: Tonight's text message commentary will be limited this evening because we're both too grossed out.

Lilith and Jezebel had to reach for the tequila after the peach orgy, so we can't remember the rest of the episode.

We interrupt this blog to wash our eyes out with bleach.

Mystery just said "kino escalate".

How can they get a kiss at the club if they couldn't even get phone numbers last time!?

Obviously because he taught them a bunch of lame buzzwords like "kino" and they spent some quality time caressing produce.

Not really into it tonight... But I do love watching them make fun of Pradeep.

I'm a VIP! I'm a VIP!

Free alcohol!

Is Scott hitting on couples?

He's a "weird ethereal ghostlike robot". No clue what any of them are doing, but I love the Joes anyway.

Jezebel... I think you have a great smile.

And I love your heavy eyelashes.

Oh my God! Check out Kosmo! This girl is nuts.

We have a winner, lol.

I was just thinking that girl only kissed Kosmo cause she couldn't see that ugly ass stripey shirt.

Where did he make up these medallion symbols from?

Magic the Gathering cards maybe?

Yay! He saved the Joes!

For a sec I was afraid he was going to choose fucking Pradeep.

What is Brady wearing?

They look like a band of hipster drag pirates.

"Arrrr!" I still need to know what's up with the hat. He's like the Godfather of metrosexuality.

Oh weird that "Matador" thinks it seems prepackaged... maybe because it is!

I think Scott's going home. I hate Pra-dick.

That would suck cause I really think Mystery wanted to ditch Pradeep last week when gay Joe was dumb enough to protect him.

No fucking way!!

Mystery, fuck you and your hat!

He's like the LaceyLacey of this show.

"The Scott is coming". Oh good.

And next week they're all crying over their fakey medallions.

I can't wait to see why they're all crying.

Okay here's a question. Which show is sadder, the Pick-Up Artist or Mission: Man Band?

I can't even watch Man Band.

It's almost like I feel guilty if I don't watch it, lol.

I'm just waiting for Scott Baio is 46... and a Daddy.

The actual Pick-Up Artist Episode 4 Recap courtesy of the VH1 Blog. 

Shock Treatment

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