Tuesday, August 14, 2007

you're not a special snowflake!

Watching the Pick-Up Artist officially makes me feel dirty, lol.

Me too, lol. Oh god... "Kosmo with a K" geez.

Lol, come on, that's totally money. The captions are great... "loves musical theater" "held back by cynicism".

Yeah I liked the "Not Alvaro" caption, lol.

Pradeep: "puts himself on a pedestal" lol! Fuck. I'm officially sucked in by this dumbass show.

I officially want Spoon to win. He's precious.

I'm sorry, but what the fuck is with the hat? And the medallions? He's like Criss Angel Mindfreak meets a drag queen meets a Hot Topic whiny emo goth teenager.

Wait... did he just say "you're not a special snowflake"?

Hahaha! Yes he did. Goddammit, Spoon IS a special snowflake! Aw, I want them all to stay...

Wait... what!? Noooooo! Why? Okay I guess Spoon stays a virgin. Coward. But I'm glad the old guy has a chance to stay. He needs it.

Officially a sucky ending. And next week they ALL start wearing stupid hats.

Is that a requirement? And dude, is that lipmark a tattoo or what?

I really hope it's not a tattoo. But the silly hat thing would be helpful for identification, lol.

And I think this text convo is our blog entry for tomorrow.

In case you don't know what we're talking about:
The Pick-Up Artist, Episode 2 Recap

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