Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Diablo Cody "Scandal"

I think everyone can agree that the Oscars were pretty boring this year. Well, apparently they were so boring that the entertainment press felt the need to come up with a totally manufactured and stupid post-Oscar "scandal", centered on Diablo Cody, who took home the award for best original screenplay for Juno.

So what's the big juicy scandal? What else? Naked pictures. Here's the aol.com version of the story:

Post-Oscar Nude Scandal for 'Juno' Scribe
If she was still flying high from her best original screenplay Oscar win, Diablo Cody may be coming back to reality very quickly.

Nude photographs of the 'Juno' scribe have surfaced online, though they wouldn't be the first time random eyes have glanced upon Cody nude -- she used to be an exotic dancer. Egotastic! Has the Racy Photos (Warning: Nudity)Cody, the 29-year-old punk rock underdog who stole moviegoers hearts with her tale of teenage pregnancy and love, has yet to respond to the leak on her MySpace blog that she often updates. 'Juno' was her first movie to date, and her Oscar win is sure to solidify her place as a sought-after talent in Hollywood.

Upon winning her Academy Award, Cody saved her final thanks for her family, "for loving me exactly the way I am."
We have only one very important question to ask about this. Who fucking cares? If these are private photos that were leaked by somebody without her knowledge or consent, then that sucks for her and the people responsible should be ashamed and should be held accountable. But she shouldn't be ashamed and it shouldn't be considered a "scandal". Also, gotta love the condescending tone in that piece with the comments about how "random eyes" have seen her naked before since she used to be a sex worker (as if that fact is somehow related to the story), but isn't it great that her family somehow still manages to love her the way she is? (The bold red nudity warning on the link is great too, as if the "nude scandal" headline on the story was somehow ambiguous.) Whatever.

How did we get to the point where nudity equals scandal? When it comes to someone like Vanessa Hudgens we can at least understand it--teen star of Disney's High School Musical doing something that isn't 100% squeaky clean--but we still don't agree with it. And Diablo Cody is a grown woman, not a teenager, and she's certainly not on Disney's payroll. So again, who really cares? What's the obsession? Being naked or posing for naked pictures isn't a crime, it isn't immoral and it isn't wrong. Get over it.

Instead of talking about this, maybe we should be celebrating the fact that a young talented woman with a fresh perspective and something new and interesting to say won an Oscar for her writing. Maybe we should be talking about the fact that some of those montages of past winners, particularly in categories like Best Director, looked like slide shows from the Whitey Whitebread White Guy Society's annual picnic, and is that ever going to change? Maybe we should be talking about Emma Thompson having to intervene to prevent Miramax Films from forcing her Brideshead Revisited costar Hayley Atwell to lose weight in order to keep her role in the film. Maybe, just maybe, we should be talking about something that actually, you know, matters.

The article we quoted above seemed confused about why Diablo Cody hasn't yet "responded" to this "scandal". If we had to guess, we'd say she's probably busy doing two things--writing her next great screenplay and taking naked pictures with her hot new gold boyfriend.


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