Monday, July 28, 2008

Brooke Doesn't Know Best

Okay, this may be old news already.... Honestly, we don't even have any new commentary to add to this one, but it was just too dumb and ridiculous and funny and sad not to say something about it... (That and we were drinking all weekend so we're sorta lazy about posting a real entry today).

So in case you actually haven't already heard about this, here it is:
"You know what? I am actually not that much into voting. I think it's kinda crazy that a woman is running, because I think that women deal with a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff. Like, I'm so moody all the time, I know I couldn't be able to run a country, 'cause I'd be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, ya know?" —Brooke Hogan, when asked who she's voting for by a potential roommate on her series Brooke Knows Best.

Seriously. We couldn't even make this stuff up.

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