Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love Celebreality

Have you been watching I Love Money? It is so awesome and so horribly bad at the same time... I'm loving it.

I haven't really watched enough of it to come up with any strong opinions. All I saw was a couple of minutes of everyone arguing about how Rodeo should go home. And something about cookie dough.

Yeah I think Megan should've sent Hoops home instead of Rodeo, but they both sucked and the guys would've turned on her if she chose Hoops so it worked. And wow. I'm so embarrassed that I know all the inner workings of their many alliances.

Man, I cannot stand Megan. I don't know why I hate her so much.

I'm starting to secretly love her.

Even seeing her in pictures, I'm like 'Go home already!'

I mean, I hate her as a person, but I love her as a TV villain/mastermind. She's hilarious.

I still hate her.

It's terrifying that she's apparently the smartest person in the house. She's just good TV.

I don't think we've disagreed about a reality show character since Mormon Julie from the Real World.

The whole thing with her dog is fucking hilarious.

The dog is great, but Megan's evil. Maybe they can send her home and keep the dog.

I hated her on Rock of Love 2, but on this show she makes me laugh. It's like she went so far over the edge of hate that it turned back into love. She's so bad she's good.

Much like the show itself.

You know, I just realized that I Love Money is like one of those 'Celebreality Crossover shows' that you proposed a long time ago.

It totally is. I was very proud of that blog. Well, maybe 'proud' is the wrong word.

But I must say there's not enough Heather awesomeness on this show.

That's definitely true.

She needs her own spin-off.

Oh, apparently they're going to do Rock of Love: Charm School with Sharon Osbourne.

Oh my god! Really?

That should be interesting.


Looks like they haven't announced who is going to be on yet.

Oh man, I hope Heather does it. I don't see her actually being on that show, but I'd like to see her on another show. I love her. Real love, not this fake 'TV Megan love'.

Heather will probably think she's 'above' doing charm school, and she's right.

I bet Lacey would do it.

I'm not sure I'm ready for Lacey on my TV again.

Maybe Brandi?

Which Brandi?

Either. Both.

There's always Angelique/Frenchy/whatever her name was.

Oh shit! Yes, she would rock that. If anyone needs 'charm school', she does! I wonder if Daisy would do it. Destiney doesn't need it... Inna? Dallas!

Maybe Tiffany from the first season will do it.

I hope she threatens us with a good time.

And just because she's too good for charm school, that doesn't mean Heather shouldn't get her own spin off show. Kind of like I Love New York.

They should do a show where people compete just to be buddies with Heather.

Or like that stupid I Want to Work for Diddy show. People could compete to be her personal assistant.

Oh god, think of all the self-tanner and hairspray they'd have to deal with every day.

What about a Heather makeover show? Instead of What Not To Wear, Heather will come and teach you how to tease your hair up really big and wear stripper clothes.

Awesome. I want this to be a real show! Where do we send our petitions?

We should totally pitch it to VH1.

We'll have to work on that.

Oh, I saw some headlines about A Shot At Love coming back, but maybe without Tila Tequila. But I couldn't bring myself to actually click and read about that. So why couldn't they do A Shot at Love with Heather?

I'd watch that show. Hell, I'd be on that show. I'd totally go gay for Heather.

Well, Tila seems to be a fake bisexual anyway, so no reason why Heather couldn't do the same. Bret always thought she was into chicks anyway.

Oh speaking of pseudo-bisexuals... I saw Chris and Adrianne from My Fair Brady on a weird show the other day on WE. They went to Russia. It was called 'Chris and Adrianne Do Russia'.

I wonder if they'll end up back on VH1 eventually.

WE doesn't get any of the same quality trash programming that VH1 gets.

True. They're stuck with crap like Bulging Brides.

I think Adrianne will have to have a baby in order to get another season of that show.

I definitely agree. I couldn't watch too much of the last season they did, between the argument over her being a lesbian, and then the 'choose between your boob job and a baby' nonsense.

Especially since she didn't want him to get a vasectomy the last season, so why is he fighting over having a kid that season?

He seems to enjoy manipulating her. 'I'm going to have a vasectomy without telling you! ...Wait, now that you're maybe okay with not having kids I want them!'

And I can't think of a single other man on the planet that would be upset at his wife taking sexy pictures with another hot naked girl. That's like the #1 thing guys want. What is wrong with him!?

And claiming that it made him insecure like she might not really want him was bullshit. She went after him relentlessly and practically browbeat him into marrying her. Yeah, she's totally not that into you, Chris.

I know. The whole show made me sick.

Yep. I hate him.

I hate him too.

At least that we can agree on.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kathy's Off the Junk

So as you already probably know, the ESC loves Kathy Griffin. We love her comedy, we love her TV show, we love her gays, we love almost everything about her. We could probably write a huge five (or ten?) part series about all the reasons we love her. But today we're just going to address one little thing... plastic surgery.

You may have read recently that Kathy has given up plastic surgery. We think that's great. Not because we're against plastic surgery or anything (we think people should be free to do whatever they want with/to their bodies) but because of why she's giving it up.
"It didn’t get me happier or didn’t make me look particularly younger."

"I spent 20 years of my life obsessing about 10, 15 pounds, and what I found as a comedian ... is that nobody expected me to come out in a bikini anyway," she says. "I’ve never lost a job because of my weight, and I’ve certainly never gotten a job because of my cosmetic surgery or my weight."

"I like my body now," Griffin adds. "For 47, it’s pretty darn good.  She adds, "I've come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to be Jennifer Aniston."

She realized that it wasn't actually making her feel - or look - all that much better and has decided to accept her body for what it is.  And we think that's really really really great.

We also think it was pretty damn cool that Kathy was so open about her plastic surgery to begin with, unlike some people .  We've had some harsh debates in the past over plastic surgery, especially when articles and blogs about My Beautiful Mommy came out all over the place. (My Beautiful Mommy is a children's book explaining a mother's plastic surgery "transformation").

Now obviously, a children's book about cosmetic surgery triggers some intense reactions and strong opinions... most people we spoke to about it were really against it. I don't know if this book is a good idea or not: On the one hand, I worry that it would glamorize plastic surgery or create self-esteem issues in young children (Mommy's surgeries are going to make her look "not just different" but "prettier"); on the other hand, I think it is important for kids to understand what's happening to their parents.
"Why is Mommy in bed? Why is Mommy having surgery? Is she okay? Why does she look different? What's going on?"
A book can be a great learning tool to help explain any confusing (and potentially scary) situation to small children.Most of the harshest criticism we heard about this book was from people who hadn't even read it. (Talk about literally judging a book by it's cover!) Oddly enough, some could not separate their feelings about the book from their feelings about plastic surgery itself.

I would never call myself a plastic surgery advocate or anything and I don't think I would personally undergo any major procedures. However, to the ESC, the decision to under go cosmetic surgery falls under the same category for us as being pro-choice does. It's your body - do whatever the hell you want to it!

Which is why we're not happy that Kathy Griffin has stopped getting plastic surgery; we're happy about her reasons! Kathy currently stays in shape through diet and exercise, and while it's still possible she might want to do some "up keeping" as she gets older (that's just our guess), we're glad that for now she's decided to love her body for what it is. Something we should all strive to do.