Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Naked Picture Scandal!?

So we're sure you know about all the fuss over the leaked naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens. Now everyone is talking about the newest naked picture scandal over yet another High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu... only... wait... they're not.

Here's the picture:

OMG it's Chad Danforth naked!!!!!!!!!!! What will all of the kids at East High think when they see this?

Okay, so this is a promo shot for the Corbin's new show The Beautiful Life, which is about a group of models. And I think that I should have waited until the end to add the picture, because now naked Corbin Bleu is staring at me as I write this and it's a little awkward.

Anyway. On the one hand, this is obviously different from the Vanessa Hudgens "scandal" because Corbin Bleu posed for his naked picture in the context of a role and knowing that it would go public. He did it on purpose. On the other hand, he did it on purpose. He chose to put a naked picture out there, and as far as we know, Vanessa Hudgens never made that choice. But the reactions to the two situations are really different.

For example, here are a few comments from Pink is the New Blog readers about the Vanessa Hudgens picture leak:
She is an attention-whore. If you are famous and take nude pictures they are going to leak. There is no exception to this rule. AND she has already dealt with this. This girl is a major dumbass and doesn’t deserve her career. Seriously, Disney needs to pull the plug on her already.

dirty hoe.

What a little whore. I mean seriously….

She was underage, but I dont feel bad for her. What an idiot. And uh kind of slutty and desperate.

She is fucking dumb. She needs to get slapped.

goddd, prosti-tots are idiots..
And here are some comments from Pink is the New Blog readers on Corbin's picture:
I’ve been thinking Corbin Bleu was hot for a good while now. I definitely appreciate the picture.

Wow, Corbin. Can I say yum? I might just watch this show for him.

Go Corbin woot woot

I’ve wanted him to shed his cookie cutter, bubblegum image for a while now - excited for this drug-filled, twisted show!

I def thought Corbin Bleu had potential in HSM. Clearly he has fulfilled it, haha.
So if you're playing a character who publicly gets naked in front of a camera it's perfectly okay, but if you privately get naked in front of a camera in your real life you're a dirty tramp? If getting naked is a career choice, more power to you, but if it's part of your sex life that gets leaked without your consent, you're an idiot who doesn't "deserve" a career at all. Got it.

Is anyone worried about what impressionable young High School Musical fans will think when they see this picture? It certainly doesn't seem like it, even though I'm sure some of the Disney crowd will be tuning in to The CW to see Corbin's new show. I guess we're only supposed to worry about that with Vanessa Hudgens' pictures, because after all, young girls might want to imitate her! And we can't pass up an opportunity to police the sexuality of young women by making a slut-shamed example out of Vanessa. I have to wonder what people would say if it was Vanessa or one of the other female stars of HSM who had joined the cast of The Beautiful Life and participated in this photo shoot.

To be clear, I'm not saying that Corbin did anything wrong by posing for this picture. He's an adult and he's got a new show to promote, and the picture itself is not really a big deal. And he can't stay in the HSM universe forever. I am saying that Vanessa Hudgens didn't do anything wrong either, and the double standard at work here is stupid.

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