Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bloody Love

As you may already know, we are obsessed with True Blood. It has been such torture waiting for the season finale! We can't even begin to imagine what it will be like waiting until Summer 2010 for Season 3. (We may have to start reading the books if we're going to survive. Or we'll just watch Vampire Diaries on the CW, heh.)

This season has been both annoying and awesome... and the series has definitely come a long way since the first few episodes of Season 1. Season 1's main focus was on the love story between Sookie and Bill - with a little murder mystery thrown in for fun - but Season 2, now Season 2 has been some crazy, fucked up shit!

There's still the basic love story, but Season 2 throws a little wrench into the works with a disturbing love triangle! Helloooo Eric Northman. God, we love that sexy Viking vamp, whose obsession for Sookie is awesomely creepy. Let's just say that HBO really knows what they're doing... They know the fans would totally revolt if they broke up America's favorite Vampire-Human couple since Edward and Bella (barf!) so they could never let Sookie actually fall for the evil Eric.

But yet so many people seem to be on "Team Eric" because he's so hot and mysterious and badass. (Seriously, Alexander SkarsgÄrd should talk with his Eric accent all the time. It's much sexier than his actual voice. Sorry Alex, we still love you.) So HBO came up with a pretty good solution... giving us steamy dream sequences and a blood-induced plot twist, while Sookie's heart still lies with good ol' Bill. It's the best of both worlds! The very very best.

Another awesome decision this season, was to give Jason (Ryan Kwanten) more to do than just be shirtless and have sex. Um, not that we're complaining about the shirtless scenes. The Jason scenes are hilarious, as he gives us the perfect combination of stupidity and good intentions. Pairing him up with Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) in the last two episodes was pure comedic genius.

Those are the good things about the second season... the not-so-good thing? Maryann the maenad. It was cool for a few episodes but man, are we ready for her to go away already! Now this is nothing against the beautiful and talented Michelle Forbes, because she's great. That's the problem though, she's such a good actress that she's really convincing... and therefore really annoying.

It looks like we might get our wish on Sunday during the Season Finale. We figure either she gets defeated - and dies - or she summons the elusive God Who Comes - and dies. Either way, she's gone and she can take her storyline with her! (And can she please take Eggs with her too?) I mean, sure it's been fun seeing everyone act all crazy and having orgies in the woods, but we're over it already.

In honor of our eternal love for the show - and our excitment over the Season Finale - we've created not one, but three new True Blood-inspired designs on Cafepress. Vamp Love, I Love Eric and Maenad (for any aspiring evil bitches out there). Coming to Zazzle soon. Enjoy the finale! We'll be back to review it after Sunday... (Maybe we'll even bring back our long forgotten text-message commentary?)

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