Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall TV Preview

So our beloved True Blood (HBO) ended its 2nd season - as you already know - and we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves. We checked out the first episode of Vampire Diaries (the CW) and while it was sort of like "True Blood Lite", we're not sure if it will end up being an acceptable substitute.

Jezebel has gotten herself hooked on Mad Men (the 3rd season came back to AMC a few weeks ago) and I'm totally psyched for the next season of Heroes (the 4th season returns to NBC on September 21). Even though it's been progressively getting dumber, I'm still obsessed with it and I have no shame in that. And you know we're both going to watch the newest season of Bones (Fox, September 17) after we accidentally got ourselves addicted to it in our hotel room while we were in Chicago for Blogher09.

But we weren't really sure what else was in store for us this Fall.... so we checked out the New York magazine "<a target="_blank" href="">Fall Preview</a>" issue to see what else we could possibly set our trusty DVRs to record.

The series premiere of the "new" Melrose Place apparently aired on the CW on September 8th and we both just completely missed it. And we're really okay with that. Sure we occasionally watched the old version and we even watched some of the new 90210 and the CW is a guilty pleasure (I know Jezebel is going to watch the new season of Gossip Girl on September 14)... but we just couldn't bring ourselves to care about Melrose Place again. Maybe we'll check out an episode or two before the series gets cancelled, um, we mean before the first season comes to an end. Maybe.

We are definitely going to set the DVRs for The Beautiful Life (the CW, September 16) because we're just dying to see if former Disney stars Corbin Bleu and Sara Paxton can pull off the so-called "glamorous world of New York's fashion elite". Plus we have to support any show that gives us another naked picture scandal (just kidding) but we're not exactly overly optimistic.

Bored to Death (HBO, September 20) looks... interesting but we're not sure about HBO right now. They've been a little hit-and-miss lately. True Blood has been pretty damn great, but some of their other shows have sucked hard (for example Hung is some serious crap and Entourage has been slowly going downhill).

Check out the full Fall Preview from New York mag and let us know which shows you recommend or are getting excited about.

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