Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Is Reality TV So Boring Lately?

So it's been really difficult watching reality TV lately. I know you're thinking "well, then just don't watch reality TV". I can't not watch reality TV! I have to. It's a sickness. And also, it gives me so much material to write about. But lately... not so much.

We've been watching a lot more scripted television lately, which is good... but we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for terrible, terrible reality TV. The most recent season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (which was actually good and not "so-bad-it's-good" good) is over and well, very little is left in its place.

Probably the two biggest reality shows on right now are Top Chef and Project Runway both in their sixth seasons and both total snooze-fests. Booooring. I think both series have been on the air too long and so they've basically run out of interesting challenges for the contestants...

This past Thursday on Runway, the designers had to create an outfit to please their clients (i.e., their models). Didn't they already do that on Season 1 with the wedding dress challenge? What happened to making dresses out of car parts or shopping for materials at the grocery store? (Honestly, on Runway, I just fast foward to the runway part and don't even bother watching the actual show anymore.) Now that the show has switched from Bravo to Lifetime (and from New York to L.A.) they've added a partner show The Models of the Runway, which is one part America's Next Top Model and one part "Behind The Scenes at Project Runway" and 100% boring.

Top Chef, now in Las Vegas, is equally blah. (Seriously, how do you make Vegas boring?) A few weeks ago the challenge was to cook for a bachelor and bachelorette party... really? That's the challenge? I guess they did Gail's bridal shower and a few weddings over the years, so why not a bachelor party, but please, it wasn't exciting. They tried to up the creativity by making them cook appetizers to compliment the bride and groom's favorite shots... but that was nothing new either, seeing as they've had a number of booze-related tasks over the years too and none were nearly as boring as this one.

Even VH1, our go-to for cringe-worthy trainwreck style reality shows has been very disappointing. My Antonio is so stupid that we watch it with the sound off (really, the only point of that show is to see Antonio Sabato, Jr. shirtless) and we can't even bring ourselves to watch Tool Academy 2 because it could never stand up to the first season. And sorry, but we will never be desperate enough to watch Real Chance of Love Season 2. (Nothing against Real and Chance, but after I Love New York, I Love Money, and Real Chance of Love Season 1, we've just had enough of the them!)

Oh how we long for the good old days of first season Rock of Love and The Pick-Up Artist.

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