Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do the One Million Moms Think Saturday Night Live is for Kids?

The One Million Moms are inexplicably scraping the bottom of the barrel with their action alert this week. With all of the new TV shows coming on the air in the last week, somehow all the Moms could come up with to get outraged over was the fact that new Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate accidentally said "fuck" during one of her sketches.

Here's the action alert:

'Saturday Night Live' slips up again

"Saturday Night Live" newbie, Jenny Slate, dropped the F-bomb on air during a sketch which slipped by censors and was heard by East Coast viewers of the show.

Slate was playing a foulmouthed motorcycle-driving woman when she dropped the curse word.

Slate's infamous line, "You frickin' just threw an ashtray full of butts at my head. You know what, you stood up for yourself and I f***in' love you for that" will either gain her fame, get her fired or both.

The actress did puff out her checks after she add libbed the swear word to express she realized she had messed up.

This is not the first time censors have not caught and bleeped out the F-word on "SNL." Norm MacDonald, received a verbal warning for saying the f-word on-air, and Charles Rocket was fired after saying the same four letter word in 1981.

NBC has declined to make any comments at this time so it is unknown if any disciplinary action was taken against Slate or not. Will Slate's first show on "SNL" be her last?


Send NBC an email letter insisting that NBC, "SNL," their censors, and Jenny Slate issue an apology immediately to viewers. Her slip-up was corrected by censors and changed to "freakin" before the West Coast viewers were exposed to this vulgar language, but the damage was already done on the East Coast.

Also, request that disciplinary action be taken against Slate and that censors be on their toes in the future.

Really, Moms? This is the best you can do? You're traumatized because someone on a late-night comedy show accidentally said the word fuck once?

First of all, Saturday Night Live is a show for adults that is on after midnight. It's not remotely in any way even slightly for kids, or marketed to kids. So why are the Moms even complaining about this in the first place? The OMM website says that their "goal is to stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media", but this incident had nothing to do with children at all, so why the action alert?

Also, I have to wonder what kind of disciplinary action the Moms think would be appropriate for a grown woman who accidentally said an "adult" word on a show for adults. A fine? Ten Hail Marys? A time out in the corner? Unfortunately for the Moms, they're not going to get their wish on this one - SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels has said that he understands that this was just an unintentional slip on Jenny Slate's part, she's not going to be fired, and it's possible that NBC won't even be fined by the FCC since the slip happened after prime time. In other words, this is being treated like the non-issue that it is, despite the best efforts of people like the OMM who have too much time on their hands.

I think the One Million Moms really need to step up their game next time, because this was just a weak effort. If they're not back to freaking out over homosexuality or teen sex on TV by next week, I'm going to be seriously disappointed.

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