Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stupid Sexist Swiffer

We've all seen those annoying Swiffer commercials in which a mop or broom or duster just can't get over being replaced by a Swiffer product...

So here's a mini-guest blog from my 9-year-old daughter. (The title was her idea.) She really doesn't like those commercials...
Dear Swiffer,

I think your commercials are totally sexist. There is no good reason why in all your commercials there is a girl cleaning the house with Swiffer. Why are there only women doing the cleaning? It makes just as much sense that a man would be doing the cleaning of the house. Yes, some women do housecleaning, but some women don't. And it's not the only thing that women can do.

In your next commercial I think you should have a man doing the cleaning. The mop or broom can sing the song "Come Back To Me" by Vanessa Hudgens. (I'm not saying that you should actually do that song, because they might not be able to get permission to use it.) It would just be nice to see the genders reversed and have a girl mop singing to a guy using a Swiffer.

It's also pretty creepy that the joke of the commercials is that your mop or broom are following you around. They're kind of stalking you. Why would anybody want that? Imagine if it was your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend doing that? Would you want that to happen? I dont think so. It's not funny, it's scary. It happens to real people and it's not good to make a joke about something serious that happens to real people, just so you can sell a stupid Swiffer.
Her very first guest blog about sexism in the media... I'm so proud!

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