Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amanda Bynes You Will Be Missed...

So apparently Amanda Bynes announced on Twitter that she is retiring from acting...

This is actually really upsetting for me. Those of you who are longtime readers will no doubt remember how much I love Miss Bynes.

I definitely understand why she might want to quit acting - or at least take a temporary break. She's been working in the industry since she was just a kid, getting her start on Nickelodeon's All That in 1996 and then moving on to her own spin-off The Amanda Show. So I do understand how she might already be burnt out and disenchanted with the industry at the young age of 24. But just this past January she was on the cover of Cosmo, talking about how she's ready to start a new stage in her career (taking on more adult roles).

It makes me sad that "young Hollywood" is going to lose her. I don't think that children should look up to actors and other celebrities because being famous doesn't necessarily mean that you're a good role model. However as far as young women in show business go, Amanda Bynes was pretty good. Not perfect, obviously - because who is? - but compared to some of the other stars out there, she ain't half bad.

She's definitely beautiful (even if by society's unfair standards) but not in an unnatural or unhealthy way. She's thin but doesn't look anorexic or malnourished. She has the acting chops to do serious scenes, but also the guts to go all out for laughs. She has never been above doing the really funny, goofy comedic work. She's not afraid to look silly or even look "ugly". I know that she hasn't always had a lot of creative control behind the shows and movies she starred in (maybe she did on The Amanda Show?) so I can't say how intentional her choices were... but basically, you won't see many other young actresses do some of the physical humor scenes that she does...

So while I'm going to wish Amanda the best (and not-so-secretly hope that she reconsiders and makes a comeback!) I'm definitely going to miss her... and I'm heartbroken over the fact that she's never going to fulfill remake casting fantasy of starring in a remake of Sixteen Candles opposite Channing Tatum. Hey, a girl can dream.

But of course, we will be going to the theater to see Amanda in Easy A this September. It may very well be Amanda's last movie... we wouldn't miss it for the world. In the meantime we'll be planning our very own Amanda Bynes Movie Marathon. We suggest you do the same. Here are some suggestions:

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