Friday, June 11, 2010

Vampire Love Triangles

We're counting down the days til the True Blood season premiere... with another installment of the ESC's Guide to Supernatural Creatures.

We're getting pretty excited to see Eric again and even though we not-so-secretly wish Sookie would hook up with him, we know she's better off with Bill. Ah it's such a dilemma... as good vampire vs. bad vampire love triangles so often are.

We were chastized for not having a SPOILER ALERT on this blog... so um, if you haven't seen some of this stuff yet (what are you waiting for!?) read at your own risk.

So we thought we'd just take a look (an awesome sexy look) at some of our favorite Vampire Love Triangles of all time... 

Bill vs Eric


Oh Eric, you're our favorite murderous, blood-drinking, immortal Viking. Okay, so maybe the Eric-Sookie sex scene was just a dream sequence... but it was still one of the highlights of season 2. Yes, we know that Eric is evil to the core but seeing him cry over Godric's death made us think maybe there was a softer side under all that murderous badassery. We do love the relationship between Sookie and Bill, so we wouldn't want Sookie to end up with Eric for real... but we're definitely looking forward to more steamy dreams.

Angel vs Spike

Buffy may have been in love with vampire-with-a-soul Angel, but having sex with him turned him into the evil Angelus... no fun. So he left to go play detective on his very own spin-off, leaving Buffy free to fight with Spike, save the world a bunch of times, team up with a newly-microchipped-unable-to-kill Spike, die, come back from the dead, and start sleeping with Spike by season 6. By the season 6 finale Spike was well on his way to earning back his soul... Oh, how can you not dig a guy who would do that for you? (And the British accent doesn't hurt, even if we know it's fake.)

Stefan vs Damon

Oh the brothers Salvatore... always fighting over the ladies, both the evil vampire Katherine and her modern day doppleganger (and great-great-great granddaughter?) Elena. It's sort of hard to choose on this one - Stefan is pretty cute, but the whole mopey thing can get a little old... while on the other hand, Damon just  might kill ya. Our best solution is to bring back evil Katherine full-time and we can watch a Nina Dobrev double date all next season.

Edward or Jacob

Um, can we choose 'None of the Above'? We had to include Twilight, even though we really didn't want to... and even though one corner of this Love Triangle isn't even a vampire at all. He's a werewolf. Who is apparently [SPOILER] the soulmate of the other two's not-yet-conceived half-vampire baby. Yeah, I looked that shit up. Grossness all around. But I don't know... some of you bitches seem to love this shit. Don't get it at all.

Michael vs David

Okay, maybe this one wasn't exactly a love triangle, but we wanted to throw in one classic oldie. And Kiefer Sutherland kinda has a little 80s-version of the Eric/Spike thing happening in this movie anyway. Apparently, one of the easiest ways to spot a bad vampire is by his bleach blond hair.

For those of you in your own vampire love triangle, you should check out the book How to Catch and Keep a Vampire. The rest of us will just have to watch TV and live (or die) vicariously.

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