Monday, August 23, 2010

Six Degrees of Vampire Separation

So last night on True Blood, we noticed Arielle Kebbel in one of the Sam-flashbacks. That makes this her second appearance in a vampire show... Last year she did a guest spot on The Vampire Diaries as an old friend of Stefan Salvatore. (Spoiler: She dies on both shows, poor thing.) She also will appear in the upcoming vampire-parody movie, Vampires Suck.

So it got us thinking about what other actors have done similar crossovers and we wondered how "Six Degrees of Separation" would work...

So here's our six degrees of vampire/werewolf separation:

(Click to enlarge photo)

Note: We refused to include Twilight on principle. And we're sure this isn't a comprehensive list, but eventually we just got tired and stopped. Did we miss anyone?

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