Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gale Harold Joins The Hellcats

I really wasn't going to do it. I was not going to watch Hellcats, the new cheerleading show starring former Disney stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka. Lilith is all set to watch it - thanks to Lil' Lilith she's familiar with all Disney stars, so this show is a chance for her to watch a couple of them try something slightly more grown up. It's also a show that she can probably watch with Lil' Lilith in the room thanks to the presence of Aly and Ashley and the absence of scary vampires or anything else obviously inappropriate. But I already watch too many shows on the CW, and too many shows in general, so I wasn't going to give in to the potential cheesy goodness.

Then I read that Gale Harold was joining the cast. It's Brian Kinney, bitches! He's playing a law professor named Julian and his first appearance will be in the third episode. The press release identifies him as being from Desperate Housewives but come on, it's Queer as Folk that he's really best known for. (Wikipedia backs me up on this one.)

Greg in Hollywood spoke to Hellcats executive producer Kevin Murphy about the casting at the recent Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.
“He’s in a bunch of episodes but he’s not technically a regular,” Murphy said. “He plays Julian Parish who is sort of like James Woods in True Believer. He’s one of those lawyers who’s made a choice not to go for the big bucks. He works sort of in a storefront thing and the way he pays the bills is he teaches at the local university. And he used [the students] as free labor. They’re his paralegals, they do his legwork for him and he’s in the process of trying to get a three strikes law overturned.”

I asked Murphy what made him want to cast Gale and his answer showed what a big admirer he is of the actor: “Oh my God, I was such a fan of his on Queer As Folk. He has the ability to be really, really wicked smart and also just really kind of sexy and immersive, and his character, he pulls you in. He’s a seducer and I think all the great lawyers are seducers.”
Damn it, CW Network! I thought I was out but you've managed to pull me in. Maybe I'll just think of Hellcats as an extension of One Tree Hill, which I already watch, since the cast includes two former OTH cast members - Robbie Jones, who played basketball star Quentin, and Matt Barr, who played "Psycho Derek". With an ensemble like this, how can you go wrong?

Hellcats premieres tonight at 9/8c on The CW. We'll be watching.

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