Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Jennifer Morrison the Mother from How I Met Your Mother?

Apparently former House star Jennifer Morrison is joining the cast of How I Met Your Mother this Fall... so there is a lot of talk about whether or not she is the mother. Every time a new female character joins the show, the fans speculate whether or not she is THE MOTHER!

(A lot of people were surprised that Sarah Chalke wasn't the mother and if you check the message boards, some fans are still convinced that Robin is the mother, even though older Ted has referred to her many times as "Aunt Robin".)

But this time... maybe it really is true. It has been confirmed that Morrison will be joining the cast as Ted's newest love interest Zooey and executive producer Craig Thomas was quoted as saying that she is "the biggest female character we've maybe ever added to the show in Ted's life. This is a big arc - a huge arc. It's going to be a little less date-of-the-week for Ted, which season 5 was."

It's hard to imagine any love interest being bigger than Cobie Smulders' Robin or Chalke's Stella without being the mother, but it's still possible that this is just a huge tease. Of course, we are ready for the show to finally get towards the actual title of the show. It's been five seasons already and we haven't even come close to how he met their mother, so it's about time already!

You can check out some teaser photos from the premiere here. You'll notice a shot of Rachel Bilson's Cindy, the grad student that we were tricked into thinking was the mother for about an episode (and we learned is actually the mother's roommate). So maybe Ted really is getting closer to meeting his future wife soon enough!

There's only one way to find out for sure... by watching. The new season premieres Monday, September 20 on CBS.

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