Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jewel Tells Chelsea Handler About Her Lesbian Shoes

Jewel was on Chelsea Lately on Monday night to promote her new album. One of the topics of conversation was the cross-country motorcycle trip that Jewel and her husband are currently taking, and she decided to describe some of her gear:

We're total tourists. I wear camping gear. I have two pairs of pants that are made out of the same material tents are made out of, so many pockets I don't need luggage. They have a lot of pockets. And yeah, I just look like a, I don't know, I look like a lesbian out there. But less angry, pretty much. I have lesbian shoes, they're very comfortable. [Chelsea Lately YouTube channel via LezGetReal]

You're all familiar with the rule that all lesbians are required to dress at all times like the human personification of a camping trip, right? Because lesbians are butch. Get it? And of course you wear your comfortable "lesbian shoes" on your bike trip, but switch to sexy high heels for your appearance on a talk show. Because comfortable lesbian shoes are ugly. Oh, Jewel. You just came from the Emmys too, but apparently you didn't notice that Emmy winner Jane Lynch and the other lesbians in attendance were not wearing gowns made out of tent material.

Now, do I think that Jewel is a raging homophobe because of these comments? No, but I do think that she's ignorant and didn't stop to think at all before she made these comments. Stereotypes like these are old and tired and really not funny or necessary.

Also, this obviously isn't Chelsea Handler's fault because she couldn't have known ahead of time that Jewel was going to make these comments. But since she's always so vocal about what a big friend and supporter she is of the LGBT community, it would have been cool if she could have thrown in a quick response to all of Jewel's stereotyping. Of course I wouldn't expect her to go off on someone in the middle of an interview, but she could have addressed it in a casual and funny way. Instead, this interview made it seem like both women could take a cue from Hilary Duff. Think before you speak, ladies!

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