Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mike & Molly: Still Making Fun of Fat People

So after the monstrosity that was Mike & Molly's series premiere we decided to tune back into CBS this week to see if the show was getting better or worse. Creator Chuck Lorre claims that the show isn't "about weight" but after 39 fat jokes in 20 minutes we were unconvinced.

In this episode Mike and Molly have their very first date, but Molly's cold medicine makes it an interesting night.

So let's see how the show tallied up this week:
  • Before the show started, they 'reminded' us of 4 fat jokes from last week.
  • The episode officially began at 0:58, with the first fat joke coming in around 1:10.
  • There were 7 fat jokes before the Mike & Molly title.
  • 16 fat jokes were made by thinner supporting characters at the expense of the bigger characters.
  • There were 3 jokes about diet shakes.
  • There were a total of 32 fat jokes in this 20 minute episode. So that's about one joke every 0.6 minutes.

That's an improvement from last week, but barely.

Both of the leads are hilarious, but the material is lousy. There were actually a few sweet moments between Mike and Molly that would've been nice had the rest of the episode not been such a pile of crap. I really hope that the writers start focusing more on their chemistry than on their weight.

Some of our least favorite fat jokes from this episode:
"I'm an Autumn."
"Autumn... and two months of Winter."

"I'm open to a little color, but nothing too crazy. I don't want my date to open the door and scream 'hey Koolaid!'"

"Everything I sell has a 30-day money back guarantee. Unless of course you get it sweaty... or spill gravy on it."
"You don't get many returns, do you?"
"Not a one"

"Make him a snack."
"Oh great, I'll grab him a bucket of peanuts. ... Can I get you something to eat?"
"No thanks, I consumed a small jungle boy on the way over."

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