Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nikita: Why?

So in a few days, the CW will premiere a "new" show Nikita.I put "new" in quotation marks because Nikita is anything but new. It's a remake, but not just any remake, a remake that has been remade many many times. 

La Femme Nikita [Blu-ray]Nikita (or La Femme Nikita as it was called when it was released in the U.S.) was a 1990 French action film by Luc Besson, about a young criminal who is recruited to work for French intelligence. Although the film received relatively poor reviews (both in France and internationally), it was somewhat of a cult hit and therefore the world felt it was necessarily to remake-it to death.

Point of No Return (Snap Case)In 1991, the movie was remade in Hong Kong as Black Cat. In 1993, Warner Bros. made an English-version starring Bridget Fonda called Point of No Return (it's not a great film, but I will admit it's a personal fave).

La Femme Nikita: The Complete Third SeasonIn 1997, La Femme Nikita the TV series was produced in Canada by Warner Bros. and Fireworks Entertainment. (It ran for 5 seasons on USA and starred Peta Wilson.)

And now there's Nikita on the CW starring Maggie Q. Why? Come on executives, come up with a new idea! The new show doesn't even follow the original storyline; in this version Nikita has gone rogue and is trying to take down 'The Division' so why even call it Nikita? We're just so tired of networks trying to fenagle an automatic built-in fan base by remaking a successful show that has name recognition instead of showing some creativity and making a brand new series worth watching based on its own merits.

Nikita may very well be a great show and a big hit, but frankly, I can't be bothered to check it out because I just can't shake the overwhelming feeling of 'been there, done that... a couple of times.'

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