Saturday, September 25, 2010

Re-Run Celebrity Spotting on The Ghost Whisperer

Yes, we watch The Ghost Whisperer. It's one of our guilty pleasures. Vajazzling or not, we love Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon and the super cheesy, melodramatic show.

Another of our favorite things? Margaret Cho. So of course, we were excited when we saw Cho as a guest star on the show in the 'Dead to Me' episode . Cho played Professor Avery Grant in 3 episodes in season 5. The 'Dead to Me' episode first aired in February of 2010 and we caught it again as a re-run this morning on WE in one of those GW-marathons they love to show. Fans of HawthoRNe (or the 2004 Canadian-series Naked Josh) will have also recognized another familiar face: David Julian Hirsch.

The season 5 episode 'Dead to Me' starred Cho as Ned's Occult Anthropology teacher, a woman who had lost her fiance in a car crash just weeks before the wedding. Hirsch was the man driving the car that killed her fiance and his daughter. Apparently the ghost of the daughter noticed that they had a lot in common (mini-golf, crappy music, hating the 'supposably', sounds like the basis for an amazing relationship) and she was haunting Avery in order to get them together, so that her death would mean something.

Cho is mostly known for her comedic performances... her countless comedy tours and TV appearances, as the sassy assistant Teri on Drop Dead Diva or most recently, her hilarious - but talented - performance on Dancing with the Stars. So it was nice to see her in a serious role for a change, as the mourning almost-widow.

Margaret Cho should be on every show.

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