Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selena Gomez at a bar (and why I watch the Disney channel)

This past weekend we were out at a local bar when we heard a song over the speakers that... surprised me.

Round & RoundIt took me a minute to register what I was hearing at first... it sounded familiar, but it wasn't until the chorus that I realized we were listening to Selena Gomez singing Round & Round! Now I realize that she's not just a Disney star anymore (even if I happen to know her from Wizards of Waverly Place) and that he music has gone mainstream enough that they play her songs on Z100 and she was a presenter at the MTV VMAs. So yeah, I get that. But at the same time, it bugged me out that they were playing a song that my 10-year-old daughter listens to at a bar where the music is usually geared towards a much, much older crowd.

Of course, the fact that I recognize Selena Gomez songs playing at bars, sometimes sets me up for stupid conversations with dumb guys:

Lilith: Oh my god. This is Selena Gomez. 

Guy: Who?

Lilith: This song. The song they're playing is by Selena Gomez.

Jezebel: I don't know this one.

Lilith: Well, the only reason I know it is because they play it non-stop on the Disney channel... 

Guy: You watch the Disney channel?

Jezebel: She watches the Disney channel a lot.

Lilith: Yes. But it's not like I watch it by myself. I have a good excuse.

Guy: Why? Who do you watch it with?

Lilith: Who do you think I watch it with?

Guy: Do you watch it with your nieces and nephews?

Lilith: No. I don't have any nieces and nephews.

Guy: So you do watch it alone!

Lilith: No. I don't. 

Guy: So you watch it with her?

Jezebel: Nope, not with me.

Guy: Well, if you don't watch it with her and you don't have nieces or nephews then who do you watch it with?

Lilith: Really? You can't think of any other person I might watch Disney channel with?

Guy: ----

Jezebel: You can't think of someone who might watch children's shows with her?

Guy: It's okay if you watch it alone...

Lilith: You're joking right? You're overlooking the most obvious answer.

Guy: I already said nieces or nephews.

Jezebel: Think about it.

Guy: Well, I know she doesn't have a kid, so it has to be nieces or nephews...

Lilith / Jezebel: [stare at him in disbelief]


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