Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sex Degrees of Separation: True Blood

We had so much fun with the 'Six Degrees of Sookie' that we decided to try to link as many True Blood characters together as possible. Wow. We thought the Norris were-panther family was incestuous! But this is just too much to follow!

Everyone loves Sookie, or wants to drink or blood, or both. Jason has slept with everyone in town (and most of his girlfriends die afterwards, hm... he's hot but maybe it's just not worth the risk!) This show goes way beyond love triangles... this is a group of several connected polygons. Sam had a crush on Sookie, but sleeps with Tara, who has a crush on Jason, who is best friends with Hoyt, who is dating Jessica, who was 'made' by Bill, who was sleeping with Lorena, to protect Sookie, who was looking for him with the help of Alcide, who isn't over Debbie, even though she was engaged to Cooter, who was working for Russell, who was living with Talbot, but trying to marry Sophie-Anne, who was in a relationship with Hadley, who is the cousin of Sookie. And Jason killed Franklin, who was obsessed with Tara, who is cousins with Lafayette, who is dating Jesus, but still having blood-induced sex dreams about Eric, who was fucking Yvetta, while thinking of Sookie. And Sam just told off Terry, who is moving in with Arlene, who is pregnant by Rene, who back in season 1 tried to kill... Sookie. 
Hm, they always seem to come back to Sookie.

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minuteye said...

Nifty chart, but you missed Andy Bellefleur (he's Terry's cousin).

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're right. We forgot Andy, because it really started as 'sex' degrees of separation and he didn't have anyone to link to for that. Poor Andy. He never gets any. Maybe next season.