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Suck it Team Luxe: Michael C's Revenge

Remember last week on Project Runway when all the designers threw Michael C. under the bus, saying that he was the weakest link, he can't sew, he's not skilled, they had to spend all their time helping him? Remember that? Ivy called him "ignorant" and "lazy". You remember that right?

Well, Ivy and the rest of 'Team Luxe' and everyone on this stupid show can SUCK IT!!!!!

This week's challenge was to take a hideous bridesmaid dress and redesign it into something beautiful.

Michael's design:

Now I won't pretend that I loved Michael's dress. I didn't. I would never wear something like that. But I certainly didn't agree with the claim that his was soooo horrible and soooo poorly made. Not at all. I'm sure there were issues with the construction that maybe the judges didn't notice from the runway, but was it worse than Valerie's god awful dress? Nope. Michael gave his 'client' what she wanted (and at the same time, he convinced her why he shouldn't give into a few of her requests that would've been mistakes) and the transformation was really something. I completely believe that the judges genuinely loved his dress. (Especially the guest judge Cynthia Rowley... it just seems like this is the type of dress that she would love.)  I did think Mondo's dress was great, but I agree with the judges that his styling was a mistake and as we learned from the first episode the styling does matter.

[Hear from the judges: Michael Kors and Nina Garcia]

Let's look at some of the comments about Michael C. this week:

Valerie: I was really hoping that this would to be the challenge that Michael C gets out because I just don't think he's worth his weight that he says he is. [...] The judges are gonna love it. They're gonna say it's beautiful and think that we're all crazy for thinking that he like, can't sew.
Hm, this from the woman who designed this cringe-worthy outfit from the bottom three this week:

Tell us again about how Michael can't sew and then try to defend the hack-job you did this week.

[Extended judging of Valerie's outfit: here]
Andy: I want to be able to respect him as a designer, and so far, he hasn't shown me anything that's worth respecting, you know?
I know... unlike the totally respectible outfit that Andy made last week?

Ivy: Michael C's construction is absolutely horrible.
Of all the designers on the show, I think Ivy has the least room to criticize Michael C. I really dislike Gretchen and I'm starting to dislike Valerie and Andy more, but I will admit that they each have designed nice work at some point in the competition... but Ivy? Ivy has never won a challenge, has never been in the top, she was in the bottom on the first episode and had easily one of the worst outfits of the team challenge. On the other hand, Michael has won twice, has never been in the bottom and made the judge's favorite piece from the losing team's collection.

Let's remember that Ivy designed both of these outfits:

The ugly pants that she made into... ugly pants. And the Golden Girls vest + granny shorts combo.  I'm sorry... I don't care if she wins the next four challenges. She still has no right to criticize anyone after producing those two monstrosities. So where exactly does she of all people get off being so hypocritical as to continuously bash Michael?

[Ivy's video blog: here]

In this episode, in addition to the usual runway show, they also had a design showcase in which guests voted for their favorite outfit by putting a button in each of the designer's fishbowls. After seeing the amount of buttons in Michael's fishbowl, Ivy decided to claim that she wasn't getting votes because he tried to sabotauge her. Ha! Whatever.

On camera, she said "Michael C, has been telling the guests that I'm the bitch of the show. [...] He's been telling people not to vote for me because I'm the bitch of the show." Hm, really? Because there's no footage of him doing that. Everyone else said "oh yeah, I heard that he was doing that' but NO ONE said that they acutally heard him say it. Really? There were 9 designers (not including Ivy and Michael) that episode and no one actually heard him say it? This is a TV show, but they didn't catch him on tape saying it?

Hm, I wonder who could have possibly started such a rumor. Could it be... Ivy herself? I think so! Come on, this is a TV show. If hewas really doing that, the producers would have loved to show us. They  love that kind of drama. If they actually had any evidence of that kind of backstabbling/sabotage they would've totally aired it. Instead, all they could do was spin Ivy's accusations. I think Ivy is the bitch of the group (or at least she's tied with Gretchen), but I don't think that's why people didn't vote for her. I think she didn't get a lot of votes because her outfit just wasn't that special.

Ivy claimed that Michael was telling people that she's 'the bitch' of the group and not to vote for her. Hm. I didn't hear him say that to anyone. She is the bitch of the group, but I think people didn't vote for her because her outfit wasn't nice enough.

The next day:
Michael: It went around or something saying that I said something about your look or told people not to put buttons in your jar. I just want to let you know I said nothing like that. [...] I have proof. You can talk to my model about it also.

Ivy: I don't think that's necessary.
Hm. In their interviews:
Ivy: I choose not to believe Michael C. I only judge a person by their charcter and Michael C.'s character and track record have proven otherwise.

Michael: We don't click and that's fine. We can't be friends with everyone but I would never ever ever in a million years put her work down.
Hm, only person I see here with a character problem is Ivy.

Possibly my favorite part of the episode was a simple line from Casanova after Michael's win. "So we have two twice-winners." If anything should take Gretchen down a notch, that should.
Gretchen: "I don't think Michael C. deserved to win... and it's frustrating because craftsmanship isn't as acknowledged as much as I'd hoped it to be so far in the judging."

Casanova: "I have no issue with Michael Costello. I respect him as a designer and I think he's very humble."
I loved Michael's video diary too! He was so polite and quiet during the team challenge last week while every member of his team (except A.J.) tore him to shreads. He didn't say a word and didn't even cry about it until he got backstage. So this was his opportunity to let that shit out once and for all...

Even though I didn't love his dress and he's far from my favorite designer on the show, I'm so glad he won!

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