Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season Finale: We Should've Just Watched the VMAs

So who else was totally disappointed in the True Blood season finale last night?

It wasn't bad, of course not. As far as True Blood episodes go, it was pretty good. Lots of humor and a touch of suspense. But for a season finale, we expected a hell of a lot more. It just felt kind of disjointed and most of the cliffhangers were either completely boring or totally obvious. There wasn't a real climax; it was a lot of build up without the payoff.

In fact, it felt more like the second to last episode before the finale than a season closer. It's safe to say that we have a lot of feelings about it.


Things We Liked:
  • We were relieved (but not surprised) to see that Eric Northman did not 'meet the true death'. We think Alan Ball would have to be pretty stupid to kill off Alexander Skarsgard's character at any point in the near future. We weren't exactly sure how he was going to survive his not one, but two, brushes with death in this episode... but we knew he would somehow manage to come out on top.
  • We also loved how he can still look hot, even while covered in cement. Only Skarsgard.
  • Speaking of hot guys, it was also nice to see hottie werewolf Alcide Herveaux again, as well as Godric (even if it was as a hallucination/vision from beyond the true death).
  • The scene between Sookie and a burny-face Russell was hilarious. Best negotiation ever. And Denis O'Hare proved his acting skills right there, because it's got to be hard to use facial expressions, etc. with that much makeup, but he nailed the scene.
  • We also liked the set-up for the witch storylines that we're sure to see more of in the next season. We think that will be pretty interesting, because we've already seen two different 'types' of witch: a Wiccan (Holly) and now a brujo (Jesus).
  • We also liked that Crystal left. She was really annoying.

Things We Didn't Like:

  • Of course, we know that Crystal will be back at some point, and we'll have to deal with more of her and Jason's forced 'true love'. Sigh.
  • Not enough violence (or climax of any kind) in this episode. Well, okay, it's not really the lack of violence that we disliked... It just seemed uncharacteristic of the show this season, which has been one of the most hardcore, bloody, gory seasons yet and then the finale? Not so much. Especially when you think of last season's finale with Maryann getting impaled by Sam-as-a-bull this one seemed downright tame by comparison. We just kept waiting for that next level that never came.
  • Just when we thought Tara was starting to get her act together, it turned out that the season long Tara pity party was going to continue. She even pulled a Felicity by chopping her hair off. Can you get any more cliche than the "I'm going to get a fresh start!" haircut? But we will say that we did feel for Tara during the scene with her mom, who truly and sadly believed that she was going to marry the minister just as soon as he left his wife.
  • Sookie dumping poor Talbot's remains down the garbage disposal... just unnecessarily cruel. I don't really blame her, but man, what did poor Talbot ever do to anyone? Poor guy just suffered an undignified death all the way around. (Is it just us, or does Sookie get a little meaner and more badass every time her fairy blood is drained and she's 'refilled' by Bill's vampire blood?)

Things That Just Confused Us:

  • So Sookie was saved by a magical fairyland light chandelier spaceship thing? Yeah, okay.
  • How/why did Eric see Godric? Did it have something to do with his fairy blood overdose or was it because he came close to dying or is Godric just that awesome? (Or is Eric losing his mind?)
  • Who was in charge of writing the similes for this episode? "Your word is worth about as much as tits on a turtle." "You are as mad as a fucking hatter." Okay.
  • Of course, we were kind of curious as to what exactly motivated Sookie to want to save Eric after he a) chained her up in his basement, b) kidnapped her, c) fed off of her, and d) offered her to Russell Edgington. We know that there's always been an odd little love-hate triangle with Sookie, Eric, and Bill, but now it's getting a little out of hand.
Lilith: Wait, so after all that she's gonna help Eric? WTF Sookie?
Jezebel: I guess she's a good fairy.

Maybe it was just a case of 'I'm mad at you, but not that mad that I want you to die.'

"Cliffhangers" We Already Know The Answers To and/or Don't Care About At All:
  • Is Sookie coming back? Obviously she is, she is the star of the show. So we don't know the answers to "where did she go?" and "how will she get back?" but it's not very suspenseful to wonder if she's okay and/or coming back.
  • Where did Tara go? Um, who cares... It sort of feels like the writers over-estimated how much we would care about certain things. Are we really supposed to be super-concerned that Tara left? Like Sookie, we know she will be back and all we can hope for is that she's less annoying troubled, or at least more interesting, when she returns.
  • What happened to Sam's brother? I know we're supposed to wonder if Sam's dark past came back to him in the woods that night and he actually did kill Tommy, but we're not buying it. He probably just shot him in the leg or something to stop him. I guess we're supposed to be shocked that he'd fire at all, but meh, we just don't care much about it.
  • Does Jason save the inbred, drug-dealing werepanthers of Hot Shot? Has Jason finally found his 'calling' in life? Do we care? We think this is similar to our issue with Sam - because the season was a little disjointed and the storylines didn't come together Maryann-style at the end, it was a little harder to invest in some of the smaller stories, especially the ones like Sam's and Jason's that involved lots of new characters that we had less reason to care about in the first place.
  • Bill vs. Queen Sophie-Anne. Gee, I wonder if Bill is going to get killed... um, no of course not. He's Bill. We don't know how that's going to turn out exactly, but it sure won't be the loss of Mr. Compton.
  • Will the cement really hold Russell Edgington for 100 years? C'mon... we know that the real reason they buried him in cement instead of letting him die was a plot ploy to be able to bring him back if they want to.

Cliffhangers We Might Actually Care About:
  • Okay, we have to admit that we're glad they went the cement route, because Russell is a great character. We know it won't be 100 years, but we are really curious about when Russell will come back and what the fuck will happen when he does!? He's going to be soooo pissed.
  • We know that Bill's not going to die, but we are interested to see what happens between him and the queen and where they're going to take his character next season. Is he going to try to win Sookie back right away, or is 'bad Bill' going to stick around for awhile?
  • What's going on with Lafayette? Is he having V-flashbacks or is he becoming psychic? ...And if so, what's causing it? Is it something he's always had that the V just helped him tap into? (His mother did make reference to him being 'powerful', but she's crazy so you never know what she's really talking about.) Or is this partly Jesus' doing? And if Lafayette is seeing people's secrets (like the fact that Arlene is having Rene's baby) what does his vision of Jesus with a monster face mean? Is Jesus a good brujo or a bad brujo?
  • Speaking of Lafayette's vision of Arlene and Rene...was Lafayette just seeing Arlene's secret fear about the baby, or does this mean that the baby really is an evil Rene demon-spawn? Poor Terry.
  • And speaking of creepy babies... what was with the creepy baby doll in Hoyt and Jessica's new house? They obviously showed us that for a reason, but we're not sure if they were hinting at Summer the doll collector and scorned ex-girlfriend turning psycho, a more supernatural explanation, or something else entirely. And more importantly, what the fuck is Hoyt's mom up to buying guns!? After the 'choose life' intervention, the abortion metaphor hits a little too close if you liken Mrs. Fortenberry to an anti-choice nutjob with a gun. We know that's going to end badly... but for who?
Overall, we did like the season, and of course we still love the show. But we know that we weren't the only ones who were a little disappointed in the finale, so we're hoping that Alan Ball is listening, since he did set up some potentially awesome storylines for next year. See you in season four!

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Deb said...

Yep yep yep. Love the show, but really felt let down by the finale, and by a lot of the season. Sam, Jason, Tara and the Demon Baby storylines all totally bored me. The Weres and Russell saved the season, and I agree that Denis' ability to act as a flaky pile of charcoal was good stuff. The finale felt like a prelim to a finale. Why not a big firey wacked out showdown in Hotspot? Why not have Eric dripping in concrete in the match with Sophie Ann and Bill, and why not give us a little gore and or sex in that fight before cutting it off? Why wasn't Hoyt's mom ready to pop her cork in the finale? Why didn't something juicy happen with Lafayette and Jesus? Blah blah blah. Sigh. Maybe Sam's brother can go to dental assisting school and he and Tara can work on the Hotspot folks' teeth and hair while Jason farms for them all. Would be about as interesting. Still love it though...