Thursday, September 2, 2010

TV Quickie: James Frain

I'm just now catching the August 29th episode of Leverage. (I like the show, but it doesn't rank on my DVR. I just have too much to record, so I only catch a few episodes in re-runs sometimes.) Imagine my surprise to see James Frain!

Frain, who we last saw get turned to bloody goo as Franklin Mott on True Blood portrayed an antiques trafficker who used refugee children to smuggle goods. In the opening scene, as a little girl is being taken into custody he asks if the other girls made it. "9 out of 10, she's an acceptable loss." Wow.

Not completely sure which character is more of a dick?

Franklin Mott may have done some terrible terrible terrible things on True Blood, but he was also kind of crazy... so maybe some of it was out of his control. I don't want to justify anything his character did on that show, but he at least thought he was acting out of love. Meanwhile, Frain's character on Leverage knows exactly what he's doing and is just a greedy bastard, plain and simple.

This is so foreign to me... because I only remember him as a good guy. I never watched The Tudors or 24. I will always think of Forney when I think of James Frain. Yep, he played the super sweet and dorky Forney in the overly sentimental, cheesy Natalie Portman movie Where the Heart Is. Oh why are you playing jerks? Go back to the library and make out with Novalee and take care of Americus!

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Renee said...

OMG until you said it, I had no idea that Frain played Fourney. I remember loving that movie and thinking that he was so cute. Great catch!