Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fat Jokes Quickie: Mike & Molly Episode 3

We're still watching Mike & Molly and counting unfunny fat jokes.

  • The first fat joke came in at 0:28.
  • There were 7 fat jokes before the Mike & Molly title.
  • There were a total of 19 fat jokes in this 20 minute episode. That's about 1 joke per minute.
Definitely an improvement from the first episode, but still too many unfunny fat jokes in this episode. What's even worse is that the other jokes that weren't fat jokes still weren't funny.

In this episode, Mike takes Molly bowling and not only does she beat him, but then she has the nerve to be smart and stuff. Man, what a bitch. Of course Mike's sexist little ego can't take it so he acts like a jerk. Meanwhile Molly's sister is having a meltdown over some married guy she was dating. Mike's partner cracks jokes about erectile dysfunction while his sassy black grandmother saves the day with words of wisdom and Jesus love. It's like they managed to feature every unfunny stereotype and TV trope possible. Not. Funny. At. All.

Some of our least favorite fat jokes this episode:
"When you were bent over tying your shoes your wallet didn't look like it was trying to bust outta your ass."

"When it comes to bowling you're a chunky white Michael Jordan."
"He gets grumpy when he doesn't get his tiny pancake."

"Whatever's on the grill, I'm eating it."

"Big man gets bitchy when he's hungry... keep a snickers bar in your purse."

"Why are you being so mean to me? Is she on a new diet?"
"Yeah I'm on the not swallowing anymore of your crap diet"
"Oh Mom, please give her a cookie or something!"

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