Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mike & Molly: Fat People Having Sex

So we missed two episodes of Mike & Molly while we were in Vegas... but we can imagine what they were like:
Fat Joke
Fat Joke
Racist Joke
Fat Joke
Fat Joke
Fat Joke
Fat Joke
Slut Joke
Fat Joke
Penis Joke
Fat Joke
Fat Joke
According to the 'recaps' of the two episodes, this is what we actually missed...

Episode 4: Mike is nervous about Molly seeing him naked, so he won't come inside to say goodnight. She takes it personally and doesn't want to see him anymore. He gets drunk and climbs a ladder to her bedroom to serenade her. He climbs in, but gets stuck (of course). His buddies help him get in the window, but they're too drunk to do anything else.

Episode 5: Carl is jealous that Mike spends all his time with Molly, so they go on a double date... with Molly's sister Victoria. The dates goes pretty well until they see Michael Jordan (??) and Victoria disappears. Mike takes Carl home and then goes back to Molly's but her mom thinks he's a burglar so she hits him on the head. Again no sex.

So yeah, we didn't really miss much. And now for Episode 6... Mike and Molly Have Sex!

In this episode, Mike and Molly finally have sex and I have to say that I'm impressed that they didn't make a single cliche joke about fat people having sex. In fact, they went a little easier on the fat jokes this week in general - there were only 9 this episode! But that doesn't mean that this episode was just fine and dandy. As usual, there were three whole fat jokes that came before the series title. It seems as though they decided to replace the missing fat jokes with overbearing mother jokes, penis jokes and pubic hair jokes. Really classy.

Our least favorite fat jokes of the episode:
"When you get the restaurant's number off a bathroom stall at an Over Eaters Anonymous meeting, you know it's gonna be good."

"...The awkward moment portion of the evening." / "The looming question." / "Who gets the leftovers?"
"Why are you smiling?" / "Why are you smiling?" / "I'm smiling because I get the leftovers."


susie kline said...

After hte pilot, and the endless fat jokes, I refused to watch again. I talked about it on my blog.

Guess I'm not missing much!

xo Susie

LS said...

So, I'm completely unfamiliar with this show, but that first joke you didn't like was pretty hilarious.

What's not to like? It doesn't seem insulting to fat people. I'm not very educated on the issues at play, but my understanding is that over-eating and being fat are not necessarily related, even though there's obviously some overlap.

I guess if you take issue with the concept of making light of problems which exist, then I can see it being offensive.

Would it be more/less offensive if it was a Bar found scrawled on the bathroom wall at an AA meeting?

Anonymous said...

We didn't say that joke was OFFENSIVE.

It's just... TIRED. So much of the (so-called) humor on this show that's allegely 'not about weight' is all about... weight. This show is all about the fat jokes. Sometimes fat jokes are funny, but they're still fat jokes.