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Project Runway: Return of the Bitch

So I haven't written about the last few episodes of Project Runway, because I haven't really cared enough. I'm not going to just write recaps about shows without some kind of commentary... and with a few small exceptions (most notably, Mondo's brave confession and deserved win last week) this season has been a big snooze fest. Except for one main recurring theme: Bitchiness. And last night the biggest bitch came back. You know who I mean...


Dun dun dunnnnnn! This time she took her bitchiness to a whole new level.

But first, this made me laugh. Even before we knew Ivy was returning, Heidi made a funny little dig at her during critiques in the workroom with Tim Gunn...
Tim: He's very speedy, Michael is. He's very fast.

Heidi: And that for someone who has no idea how to sew.

Tim: It's amazing.

Heidi: Who was it again who said that you can't sew. Ohhh, I forget, she's not here anymore.
In this episode the challenge was to create butt-ugly active wear for Heidi Klum's butt-ugly active wear line on Snore. Previously eliminated designers were brought back to team up with the designers who are still in the running and it's clear that Ivy came back with an even bigger chip on her shoulder than before! Can we say bitter?
Ivy: So Michael, how does it feel being almost to the end of the competition?

Michael C: Oh, I haven't felt it yet. It's just... I'm still in shock that I'm still here.

Ivy: Why? Because you cheated?

Michael C: No.

Ivy: That's funny... because we actually saw the dress you cheated on.

Michael C: Really, what was it?

Ivy: The blue one, from the Jackie Kennedy challenge.

Michael C: Why don't you ask Lenka about her boobs then?

Michael C: [in interview] Ivy's accusing me that for the Jackie Kennedy challenge that I taped the whole entire dress so that Lenka wouldn't fall out of it. It has support here, and it goes across here. And you know what? Lenka -- she wears sticky boobs and she uses top stick tape to hold her boobs up whenever she does a runway show too.

Michael C: How does it feel to be eliminated for a crappy design?

Ivy: Um, you know, it's a TV show... so.... you can say what you want.

Michael C: So why are you fucking with me for?

Ivy: Whoa. Inappropriate language.

Michael C: Do I bother you?

Ivy: Yes, you do actually.

Michael C: Okay, well then don't talk to me and don't ask me questions.

Ivy: [in interview] The vocabulary and the language that Michael Costello decided to use with me was completely low class. And it just shows what a despicable person he is.

Michael C: You've been nothing but a bitch to me for no reason.

Ivy: Because you cheat Michael.

Michael C: I've done nothing to you.

Ivy: You cheat and you... sabotage people.

Michael C: Is it because I 'can't sew' or something like that? Is that what it is?

Ivy: If that is what you believe and your children are watching this, it's very embarrassing as a father.

Michael C: Be bitter all you want okay but i got here for a reason. Okay?

Ivy: Because you played the game. You talked **** about people and you sabotage people and that's why you're here.

Michael C: Who did I sabotage?

Ivy: Everyone.

Michael C: Who is it?

Ivy: Really? Do we need to go there?

Michael C: Yeah you went there. You started it so tell me who did I sabotage?

Ivy: Um let's start with me. You sabotaged everyone on this show because you cheated and you played the game. And that's all I'm gonna say.

Michael C: Okay well keep being the bossy bitch that you are and don't talk to me.

Ivy: That's why I ended the conversation.
Ivy: [in interview] I think Michael C. is holding the spot that could've been Valerie's, mine, and Michael Drummond's. How can you not be upset with that when they're taking your spot at your dream?
Michael C: [in interview] You have bitterness in your heart, bitterness in your soul because you're not here anymore. You're out. Deal with it.

I loved Mondo's reaction...
Mondo: I feel like a lot of the people that have been sent home could be a little bitter... That challenge was like how many weeks ago? And now it's finally surfaced. It's so pathetic.

And you know you've really crossed over the bitterness line when Gretchen, Project Runway's bitch runner up, is the voice of reason...
Gretchen: Michael C is here. Clearly the judges time and time again have loved his work. It just seems totally counter productive to be having this drama.
Ivy: I think Michael C. deserved to be disqualified. The world will give him what he deserves. I definitely believe in karma.

And then immediately cut to footage of Ivy yelling out in pain after poking herself in the eye while sewing. Oh yeah, tell me again about that karma thing, bitch.

As always, Tim Gunn came in to school the dramalicious designers:
Tim: Designers, may I ask you to gather round please. Ivy, I need you. Designers, I hear that there is an accusation about cheating. Is that true?

Ivy: [silent with her eyes down]

Michael C: Yes.

Tim: I want to hear about it.

Ivy: The Jackie Kennedy challenge, the girls saw a bunch of top stick in the bathroom.

Tim: This is hearsay?

Ivy: No, I saw it. We all saw it.

Michael C: [in interview] If I was trying to hide something with fashion tape, would I leave wrappers all over the women's bathroom? I mean... I don't get it, I just don't get it.

Ivy: So everyone says, you know, why wasn't anything mentioned? But we all were focusing on just doing the best that we could in whatever garment we were producing that it was nearly impossible for us to bring it to the producers' attention.

Tim: And why are you doing it now?

Ivy: Because we finally had a time to reflect that night and we brought it to their attention first thing in the morning the next day and apparently they told us that it was too late.

Tim: It is too late. As far as I am concerned, there is no malfeasance. This is merely a case of he said she said. The tangibles are the following: The judges saw nothing on the runway, I saw nothing in the workroom, and our many cameras saw nothing. So this is a case of a non-case. End of story.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Tim: Michael Costello are you alright about that?

Michael C: I'm a little sad but I'm okay with it.

Tim: Sad about what?

Michael C: Just that I ...

Tim: That it happened at all?

Michael C.: Yea that's all.

Tim: We're putting it behind us. Alright? If I believed that this were a really serious issue, we would be dealing with it. It's behind us. Move forward, work work work, I'll see you tomorrow.

A.J.: You alright?

Michael C: I'm hurt, but you know, I'm gonna let it go because there's nothing really to cry about besides people who... is what it is.

And just because I'm on a quoting roll here... let's look at what former Project Runway-designer Nick Verreos (my personal fave of Season 2) had to say about this episode in his weekly blog:
OK, here we go (hit pause on the DVR remote): Since when is using double-stick tape against the rules? EVERYONE uses double-stick tape on runways, fashion shoots and even at the Academy Awards red carpet on the A-list actresses. Back in Season 2, there was NOTHING stopping us from using double-stick tape. I'm assuming the rules changed, as things do (we weren't even allowed pattern paper in my season!), but I still do not agree with them! How in the world can they use glue, glue guns and even staples, but NOT double-stick tape? Need I remind you that Santino's jumpsuit for Kara Janx, back in my season, was glued, taped and stapled! 85 percent of it. And somehow that was OK. But double-stick is not. Call me crazy.

Tim Gunn's Court

Well, maybe I wasn't so crazy, because soon after I hit "Play," Tim walks in to find out what the commotion is all about. He listens to Ivy's accusations and then deems it a "non-case." Thank you, Father Tim. Case closed … but of course, Miss Ivy had to get in her last roll of the eyes as Tim was finishing his final judgment. Classy, Ivy, real classy.

Season 5's Laura Bennett expressed similar sentiments about this episode in her blog:
Ivy is bitter. Ivy is angry. She has always felt she was one of the top designers despite her track record of shi**y work and repeatedly being in the bottom or safe at best. (I do recall one decent outfit from her, but I think I stated even then that I'm nearly 50 so me liking it doesn't count.) Ivy accuses Michael C. of cheating because he used ... wait for it .... TAPE!

How is tape cheating? Hot-glue guns and safety pins are OK, but tape is cheating? Outsourcing the construction of your final collection is cheating (oh no she didn't); tape is not. I can assure you that not a single fashion show in Bryant Park or Lincoln Center or wherever the hell fashion shows happen these days goes down without the use of tape. Also known as Top Stick or double-stick tape. Also used by every stylist in America. And Europe. Do you think Jennifer Lopez kept those puppies in that green Versace without the use of some industrial-strength stick? I want to see Ivy get right up in Donatella's grille and accuse her of cheating.

And Carol Hannah Whitfield also dissed Ivy:
Christopher partners with Ivy to form the most boring design team ever (“with these powers combined ...!”). Ivy makes up for it by being the biggest B possible. That’s right. I said B! For Bitter. Possibly the most bitter and resentful character we’ve seen to date. Way to go, Ivy! Shoot for the stars!

As she’s speaking I’ve begun to hear the Wicked Witch of the West music from “The Wizard of Oz,”

I think Ivy's bitchiness, bitterness, hypocrisy and undeserved ego will not take her far in life. If I was in the fashion industry and saw her behavior on television I would never want to work with her. (If I saw her designs I wouldn't either - she's just not a good designer no matter how much she wants to believe she is.) Look at the way she treated Michael Drummond in their team challenge. Total nightmare to work with. Michael C. on the other hand seems like a truly good person... even when his fellow designers are bashing him left and right, he tries to be positive, to be supportive, to be kind... even to people who do not deserve it.

I think an especially great example of his behavior was during the team challenge when he worked with Mondo. Mondo basically started off with a serious attitude by bashing Michael's construction skills, but Michael was still so optimistic and positive and willing to work as hard as he could help Mondo. Shortly afterward Mondo realized what a dick he was being and apologized. When it came time for the runway critiques and Michael was asked how they worked together, he could've easily trashed Mondo but he was full of praise and kind words. That is the kind of person I would want to work with.

Michael Costello may not be the best designer out there (although he might be better than Ivy) but it's obvious that he's a much better person than Ivy is. She should've spent less time worrying about Michael C. and more time working on her lousy, boring, uninspired designs.

Good riddance (again) Ivy!

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