Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Mike & Molly becoming a REAL SHOW?

I'm still not a huge fan of the show Mike & Molly, but I was actually really impressed with last night's episode. It was far from perfect (far far far far) but for the first time, I watched the show and actually didn't hate it. The jokes are still kind of hacky (only a handful of them are funny) and it's not hard to find things to be offended by... but for once, the show really felt like a regular 'romantic comedy' sitcom instead of "The Fat Couple Show".

It almost felt like Billy Gardell's claim about the show was finally coming true...
"The great thing about this love story is [that] this is a show people can look at and go, 'You know what? I'm like that' or, 'I look better than that', instead of looking at the show and going, 'God, I'm never going to look like that'."
We originally complained that yes, people would look at the show and relate to the characters... and then feel like shit after 30-something fat jokes were unloaded on them. But now that the fat jokes are finally slowing down and the show the primary focus away from their weights to where it belongs... on their relationship. So we're able to actually view Mike and Molly as just a regular, quirky, TV couple without falling back on 'OMG they're fat!' punchlines.

Anyway, last night's episode was one that many people can relate to... including myself.

Molly has been sleeping over at Mike's apartment quite often and well, let's just say, it's a cliche single guy's apartment. He has one giant gallon of all-in-one shampoo/conditioner/body wash, no hair dryer, etc.  And also, his mattress is old and lumpy... he snores (even when hooked up to his sleep apnea machine, which makes its own noise)... and basically he's just generally clueless.

Finally, in the end he agrees to stay at Molly's place once in a while, even though  it's just as uncomfortable and awkward for him (especially with her sister and mother there).

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the 'oh men are so stupid, look what we poor women have to put up with!' type of jokes... but the truth is, sometimes the person you're dating is a little clueless and these are the silly little things that do come up in new relationships sometimes. Dealing with snoring and overnight bags and weird family members... a lot of us can relate to that! For once, it was a show about two people maneuvering the crazy world of dating... not just two fat people talking about being fat. So for a few minutes there, Mike & Molly was just a show.

But wait! We didn't say it was a good show... Like most sitcoms about dating and relationships, this show falls back on old, tired cliches. There's not just the stupid, sloppy guy cliche... but then Molly's apartment is the opposite: When Mike finally agrees to sleep over at Molly's house for a change there's the whole stereotype of the super-girly bathroom with a hundred bottles of everything and bras hanging in the shower, etc. and then he has to eat breakfast with her mom in Molly's girly bathrobe. Meh.

And that's not all... There's also the dumb slutty sister (and mother) jokes. In this episode she actually walks around naked to get delivery guys to give her free pizza. No really. And apparently a guy can't pick out a mattress with his best friend without snuggling and spooning and making the clerk think they're gay. You know, because they're partners. Get it? Partners... Partners! Get it? Get it? Sigh.

And just in case you think the fat jokes are completely gone... mattress shopping also left us open for at least one or two:
Mike: "I'm looking for something that can accommodate two, let's say, larger people, comfortably."

Carl: "Side by side but sometimes stacked."

Clerk: "Are you thinking conventional mattress or perhaps memory foam?"

Carl: "Oh my grandma's got one of those memory foam beds It's like sleeping on a cloud. You know, a cloud that remembers the shape of your ass."

Mike: "Everything I sit on remembers the shape of my ass."
Mike: "How is it?"
Carl: "Very cushy. It's what I always imagined sleeping on you would be like."

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