Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn

Do you love, hate, or love-to-hate 'reality TV'? Well, then it's time for us to do some shameless promotion for our friend, the brilliant and beautiful Jennifer Pozner. She watched hours and hours of reality television in order to write the book Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV (Seal Press) and because her NYC Book Launch party is tomorrow night, we wanted to give her a little shout out before we dive in and write an actual review. (Review and more coming in the near future.)
Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TVIn Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TV, Jennifer L. Pozner, founder and executive director of Women In Media & News (WIMN), takes a fierce, funny, and in-depth look at how reality TV affects our beliefs, our behavior, and our culture. This genre encourages us to think less and buy more… but Pozner isn’t buying. Instead, she lays out the deep-seated biases reality TV promotes about women and men, race and class, love and marriage, sex and beauty, advertising and consumption, and more. Drawing on a decade of journalistic research, she connects the dots between reality TV’s hostile representations of women and people of color to decades of similarly harsh narratives in news media and politics.
[...] Reality Bites Back deconstructs reality TV’s twisted fairytales, demonstrating that far from harmless “guilty pleasures,” this genre has a damaging impact on our intellectual and political development. Pozner offers readers a new way of looking at the manipulative framing—and social ramifications—of their favorite shows, urging us to banish the phrase “mindless entertainment” from our collective vocabulary. Exposing behind-the-scenes production employed to “get the kids to go to Crazy Town,” she blows the lid off the claim that unscripted programming simply portrays “real people” with “real emotions.” She reveals how producers, writers, editors, and embedded advertisers spin fictions out of whole cloth—and lays bare their ideological and commercial agendas. [Read More Here]

Tomorrow night she will be hosting a NYC Book Launch Party at Kush Lounge and Bar in Manhattan. We encourage those of you in the area to stop by and pick up a copy of the book (if you ask nicely, we're sure she will sign it for you) and those of you not in the area... check out her website RealityBitesBackBook.com and enjoy the following videos created to promote the book. (Really, you will enjoy them... and we're sure you will recognize some of the main characters!)

[If the embedded videos don't load properly, you can check them out here!]

(Stay Tuned for the final chapter, Webisode 7, The Gangsta Guy, and for the full-length feature, both coming soon!)

Which lines of dialog from Reality Rehab were taken verbatim or paraphrased from real quotes on actual reality TV shows (or were based on quotes producers or network executives have said on air or in the press)? Find out on pages 28, 42, 100, 101, 169, 191, 239, 249, 250, 252 and 253 of Reality Bites Back!

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