Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Almost Miss the Fat Jokes. Almost.

If you've been following Mike & Molly, then you've surely heard about Maura Kelly's disgusting blog about the show for Marie Claire (Should "Fatties" Get a Room? (Even on TV?)) and its aftermath, including a "Kiss-In" protest outside Marie Claire's offices.

We definitely disagree with Kelly's post (does that even need to be said?), but clearly we're not fans of the show either. But we noticed that it is getting better. Sort of. Kind of. Only not really...
We realized last week that Mike & Molly has finally slowed down with the fat jokes. The series premiere had a whopping 38 fat jokes (almost 2 fat jokes per minute), but last week there were only 9 for the whole episode. I'd like to say that this is progress, but unfortunately... for every missing fat joke they filled that gap with other hacky jokes that fall back on tired cliches and offensive stereotypes. (Who would've thought that we'd almost long for the days of all the fat jokes? Well, almost.)

So this week we thought we'd try something a little different. Instead of just making note of our least favorite fat jokes, let's take a look at some of the other un-funny jokes from the most recent episode:

"They're fourth graders. Just give 'em all Bs. They'll be thrilled. Except for maybe the Asian kids."

"You finally free willy and all we get is 'great guy. nice time.'?"

"Well, for instance, was he tender with you?"
"Yes, he was... very, very tender."
"Not so tender as to be fruity, right?"

"Can I get you a little something to eat?"
"No thanks, I'm not hungry."
"Yeah, and I'm not old, black and Christian... how 'bout a piece of pie?"

"That's probably why the last woman you brought into this house came with an air pump and a patch kit."
"Grandma I told you that was a gag gift from the guys at work."
"It wasn't no gag when I heard it pop at 3o'clock in the morning. Thought it was a drive-by."

One thing we do have to say in the show's defense is that Gardell and McCarthy are both decent actors (even if they don't have any good material) and the chemistry between them is quite sweet at times. I wish the show would focus more on those poignant little moments of new-dating awkwardness and cuteness and less on the fat jokes and stereotypes.

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Christian said...

We definitely disagree with Kelly's post (does that even need to be said?)

I would hope not. I just found Evil Slutopia today and have been totally engrossed. I couldn't imagine that the tireless antagonists of slut-shaming and baseless judgment would ever say anything as vile as Maura Kelly wrote.

After thinking about this though I almost want to say that the way this show seems to focus on the character's weight is such a sophomoric way encouraged this sort of response.

It also feels like a Juan Williams moment where we get to see that reptilian response to what people are afraid of, disgusted by etc. work its way out through the language center without any addition of pre-fontal cortex rationality. Its kind of fun to watch in a grimacing train wreck sort of way.

I'm not sure I totally by the apology note either. To paraphrase, I may have a problem being comfortable the way fat people look because I thought I was fat and had an eating disorder when I was young.

I also wonder if she realizes that there is alot more going on than people loosing control and overeating. This has alot to do with the society we create for our working an poor classes to live in but I am probably preaching to the choir talking about that here.

Chris Hedges has pointed out that during a recent investigative piece he discovered that one of the poorest places in the country (Camden, NJ) has no supermarket, only fast food.

On second thought I do buy her apology excuse but not for her reasons. I think it comes down more to ,I used to feel guilty about thinking I was fat and I cant stand people who do not feel guilty or ashamed about being fat.

Which is what you would expect from someone who values their own self worth by complete external comparison.

There is something about knowing your own worth internally that drives these people nuts because they can never get to it to break you down and thus make themselves feel superior (which is how they get their worth). Maybe thats what makes us evil sluts :)?