Friday, February 25, 2011

The Vampire Diaries: The Race FAIL Continues

So this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was just filled to the brim with violence against people of color... Like we wrote a while back, there are only two roles for people of color on this show... witches and dead bodies... or in this case, dead witches.

There were lots of big 'developments' last week... Elijah is dead (and will stay that way as long as the dagger through his heart stays put), Katherine is out of the tomb (oops) but claims she wants to help (I'm sure there's no ulterior motive there), and Bonnie's witchy powers were taken from her by warlock Dr. Jonas Martin (for 'her own good' meh). So this week, with Elijah out of the way, the Salvatore brothers want to team up with the Martins to take down Klaus.

We're supposed to believe, for about 12 seconds, that they're going to help but of course we know they're not. Let's not forget that Klaus has Dr. Martin's daughter held prisoner because... well, this is The Vampire Diaries so if she's not dead yet she must be a witch and is therefore forced to do the bidding of vampires.

Jonas sends his son Luka, via some kind of 'crazy ass psychic witch attack' (as Damon put it) to un-kill Elijah, by removing the dagger through his heart. Katherine catches him in the act (well, sort of, he's invisible, because he's not really there) and stops him, so he stakes her, but she doesn't die because Damon comes to her rescue. Damon shoots the invisible-psychicly-sorta-there-Luka with a flame thrower and across town Luka bursts into flames for real... and he dies.

Yes, ANOTHER BLACK PERSON DIED on The Vampire Diaries at the hands of a white person.

Dr. Martin is obviously devasted and pissed... so he goes after Elena, basically ignoring the fact that the only reason his son was ever in danger was because of his dumb-ass double crossing (he basically sent his kid into a house against three vampires... really, he didn't think he might get hurt or killed? Irresponsible Daddy. But yeah, his son is dead so he's pretty fucking upset.) He goes to the Grill, where Caroline has just finished singing Bangles songs to win Matt's heart back and completely trashes the place - we're talking flames and violent magic everywhere - ready to kill everyone inside in order to get to Elena. Caroline pounches on him so Stefan and Elena can get away... but he quickily neutralizes her and poor always-in-the-dark-about-everything Matt deludedly comes to her aid, only to take a glass bottle to the throat. (She uses her blood to heal him and tells him she's a vampire, but he freaks out, because you know, vampires killed his sister, remember? Ah plot twist!)

Back at the house, Bonnie's feeling all guilty about Luka's death - because the spell she did on him the other day weakened him, even though it had nothing to do with why he actually died and ignoring the fact that Luka and his dad were only trying to get her best friend killed. Oh and Bonnie is dating Jeremy. Eh, at least she has a storyline at all.

Elena and Stefan get home... Elena goes to the bathroom and when she looks in the mirror, surprise, Dr. Martin is right behind her! Double surprise, it's not really Elena, it's Katherine and she chows down on his neck!
Katherine: You're welcome.
Bonnie: You didn't have to kill him.
Katherine: Yes, we did.
Surprise a third time - he's not really dead! He attacks Bonnie, so Stefan snaps his neck... and now he's really dead. No really, this time he's definitely dead. That's two dead black witches in one hour-long episode...

The good news (well, kinda) is that before Dr. Martin died he gave Bonnie back her powers and apparently the secret to how to kill Klaus. (We'll see how many more black witches have to die in order to make that plan work.) The bad news is she's back to be the one token black person on the whole show.

And since it wouldn't be The Vampire Diaries without a cliffhanger. A few weeks ago we saw the return of John Gilbert... so now they had to complete the family reunion and bring back Isobel! Yep, Uncle Daddy and Vampire Mommy are both back! Cant wait to see if Vampire Mommy kills any people of color next week...

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