Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Million Moms Still Hate Glee, Remain Hypocritical and Boring

The One Million Moms are still at it. In their latest action alert they're targeting Glee again, probably because all of their previous efforts have had such a tremendous impact on the show's success. I don't want to give their ineffective campaign more attention than it deserves, but I found this latest alert to be pretty amusing so I thought I'd share some of my favorite parts.

To sum up their argument, Glee continues to corrupt the children of America and generally contribute to the downfall of our society, mostly by the continued presence of gay characters and storylines but also by the show's bold assertion that some teenagers are sexually active.

GLEE is Not Backing Down So Neither Will OMM
I wonder what exactly would constitute "backing down" for Glee in the Mom's minds. I'm guessing it would involve Kurt, Santana, Blaine, and company getting a group rate on some ex-gay "therapy" while the other characters become born again virgins and decide that from now on the glee club will devote itself entirely to the songs of Amy Grant. I can just see the Emmy nominations piling up.
Ryan Murphy, the creator of "Nip/Tuck," an open homosexual and the producer of "GLEE," is pushing political correctness and his lifestyle choice on teens.
An open homosexual in Hollywood? I've never heard of that. And what is this gay agenda of which you speak, Moms? This is all brand new information.
The music chosen for this show is extremely inappropriate especially for school activities. The choreographed routines are obscene and contain vulgar dancing which they perform for a regional competition. Foul language is used in every episode.
I can practically see one million strands of pearls being clutched all at once.
The writers mock Christianity with a song named "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" sung by competitors at regionals. The scene presented them as being cheesy, uncool and prudish.
As everyone knows, there is no more cruel or painful form of discrimination than being made to feel uncool. Stay strong Moms, and know that one day you will heal.
One of the judges is a liberal nun, and a former exotic dancer. She became a nun because she needed a place to live. Another judge is Kathy Griffin, playing the part of Sarah Palin as a homeschooling mom and tea party candidate. Griffin portrays Palin in a negative light. They also mock Palin and her conservative beliefs by giving her lines to ask the students if they are born in the U.S. and to say homosexual students cannot win the competition because it sends a message to students that gay is okay. A third judge chimes in that two men can get married and raise a family. Then, the announcer for the winner of regionals announces that her husband is verbally abusive, and she has been drinking since noon.
Of course I knew that the Moms were going to hate Kathy Griffin's character. But what's so funny to me is that they really can't fully articulate exactly why they hate her, so they end up essentially saying that they were offended because she accurately portrayed their beliefs. Sure, Griffin's character was over the top, but "gay is not okay" has been the take home message from every single OMM action alert about this show and countless others. So basically they disliked this character because she would totally be a member of their organization if she were a real person. Makes perfect sense.

Similar to most teen shows today, all the characters can talk about is sex. There are homosexual and lesbian couples on the show. These teens share passionate kisses on the mouth several times. The two homosexual boys sing a duet together, and the lesbians can only be friends since one of the girls has a boyfriend too.
Homosexual AND lesbian couples? Well, there goes the neighborhood! Also, I kinda love that they go into such detail about the storylines even when it's not really relevant to what they're complaining about. Come on Moms, we all know you're just closeted fans of the show. You probably download all of the music to make sure you've done thorough research into how inappropriate the songs are. And I'm sure you bought the DVDs too just to check for any obscene or vulgar special features. Just admit that you're Gleeks. Accept it. Embrace it. You'll all feel better and we won't have to read any more of these ridiculous action alerts.


TD said...

It is mighty odd that those who hate faith in holiness and family (which is how we got here to life), want to proselytize my kids and grandkids into homosexual and pre-mature sexual activity. Sex before knowing God and before being married to the opposite sex has its own consequences (spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Look at our world. Can't you see that things are chaotic? Human beings are changing and becoming cold to one another when there is no true Christ-like love. Take heed!

Darya said...

I know two gay men who raised six (adopted) children and each child has a college education,is happily married to a member of the opposite sex and working on raising their own children; I think God would approve of that.
The only "holiness" I see at work here is "holier-than-thou".
Was "Christian Warrior" Eric Prince spreading God's love in Iraq with Blackwater, or just wasting taxpayer's money on the legal murder of people who share the first three books of the Bible with Christianity?
It's a rhetorical question.