Sunday, March 13, 2011

The One Million Moms Target Axe's Angel Ad

It's been awhile since we checked in on the One Million Moms. This week's action alert is about a commercial for AXE:

Angels AXE Their Halos in Newest Unilever Commercial!

If you have seen it then you know what OMM is concerned over. The new commercial for AXE is beyond repulsive! AXE, owned by Unilever, produces men's deodorant, body wash and body spray and has outdone itself in shocking audiences with outrageous ads.

Their newest commercial has angels falling from the sky. After the angels stand up from the jarring fall, they grab their glowing halos and throw them on the pavement which causes them to shatter into small pieces. This happens repeatedly and ends with several angels walking towards a man apparently wearing AXE. The tagline is "Even Angels Will Fall!"

This is degrading and irresponsible for AXE to stoop so low. To mock Christianity is inexcusable!

Here's one of the ads:

Now, I agree with the Moms to the extent that I also find this commercial to be stupid and offensive. I'm so sure that angels would choose to give up everything for some random dude stinking of AXE in the street when they could be chilling out in heaven instead. And of course the angels have to ditch their halos because sexual desire is dirty and shameful and unbecoming of a "holy" creature. But, you know, it's an AXE ad. I'm not expecting art or poetry or creativity or feminism.

What I find interesting about the OMM action alert is that it complains only about the anti-Christian aspect of the ad and totally glosses over the obvious sexism. There's a general reference to the ad being "degrading", but that's it. Apparently "to mock Christianity is inexcusable", but to mock women is not that big of a deal. Since the Moms are supposed to be all about protecting children from negative influences in the media, you'd think they would be concerned about the message that ads like this send to their daughters and sons. Instead this is yet another example of the OMM's selective and often misguided outrage.


c said...

OK, where to start? Angels have nothing to do with Christianity. Stop borrowing from other people's religions, and telling them what they can do with their icons. You have no idea what you are talking about. Also, even with the canon, angels do, in fact, fall...and for similar reasons. Calm down, and stick to your New Testament.

Crystal said...

Yes I agree hundreds of years before Christianity ever exist there were angels in religions. Actually it's one of he less repulsive ads I have ever seen. So what, I think it is catchy and it sells, which is what a commercial is suppose to do. No matter what some one does some one is going to be mad. I think that it shouldn't be shown on little kids channels but take that up with the tv programmers not the commercial for teens and men, if you have a kid under 13 using this stuff and then complain about the commercial shame on you!