Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blame the TV

So you might have noticed that we've been slacking off on the TV blogging a little bit lately. We have several reasons for that - some better than others - but we've decided that the best course of action is to blame the TV. We need a bigger, better, and brighter TV so that the trashy reality shows, vampire dramas, Lifetime movies, and other random programming that we enjoy can come through in better quality and get our blogging juices flowing again.

Our TV of choice for our fantasy ESC office would probably be something like this Sony ex521 LED TV. (And yes, even though it's only a fantasy at this point, we are already on a comparison shopping site checking out the deals. We just like to think of that as being prepared and planning ahead.) It's a BRAVIA TV, which means the colors are amazing - we could see all of the many separate and distinct orange skin tones present in the various Jersey Shore cast members! It also has a USB port built in, so we can view our own photos and videos. This should help us to organize our photos and also with our comic-related endeavors...and, let's be honest, it will help us procrastinate too.

We're going to start saving up. Sure, we have to get the office before we can get the new office TV, but you've got to start somewhere. Better blogging through better TV, here we come.

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