Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV Quickie: An Ode to James Spader

I finally got around to watching the season premiere of The Office that had been sitting so patiently in my DVR... it wasn't the best episode ever, but I have to comment because of... JAMES FUCKING SPADER. Oh how I love that man. No one else can get away with playing THE douchiest powertripping characters on earth and still make us love him. James Spader is awesome. And "Robert California" is awesomer.

And watching him play someone's creepy, intimidating boss just makes me want to watch him play Mr. Grey in Secretary. (Before I quit my Netflix - er Qwikster, whatever - I've got to rent Secretary one more time.)

 You can point out my typos anytime!

This was going to be a blog about The Office, but honestly, I just couldn't handle blogging about that show when all I could think about was Secretary. So yeah, the show was funny, check it out next week. But if you haven't seen Secretary yet, then that's what you have to watch first. Go! Go now!

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