Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will you be watching Revenge tonight?

If you've watched any TV at all in the last few weeks you probably know that the new show Revenge premieres tonight, because ABC has been promoting the hell out of it. It's the story of Emily Thorne (Everwood's Emily VanCamp), who has come to the Hamptons seeking...well, revenge. She really wants it. Like, a LOT. In case you missed the ten million commercials that have aired so far, here's an extended promo:

I've already seen the pilot thanks to a sneak preview, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I mean, it wasn't great - I don't think this show is going to be contending for any Emmys next year - but I liked it for what it was. It's kind of a Dawson's Creek meets The O.C. meets a Lifetime movie sort of a thing. Did the world really need another 'pretty white people with problems' show? Probably not. But I was entertained. It was fun and cheesy and overly dramatic. And if I'm in the market for a guilty pleasure show (which we pretty much always are), I'll take this over, say, a show that attempts to sell me the idea that working at The Playboy Club was the ultimate in female empowerment.

Anyone else planning on giving this show a try? Or if you're not watching this, what new shows are you checking out? We're always looking for an excuse to watch more TV, and honestly we could probably stand to add one or two vampire-free shows to our schedule, so we're open to suggestions.

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