Monday, October 3, 2011

Social Good

We just saw a report on TV about companies using social media to create a better connection with their customers, and we've been talking about how effective that is and how some companies do that better than others. We've all read plenty of stories about companies who experience social media related PR fails, but there are also many companies who are doing a lot of good with the help of social media.

We did a little research and found this cool image that illustrates how some companies are using social media for social good. Check it out:

Search Engine Marketing Firm
Via: Wpromote

We were already familiar with Tom's Shoes and the Pepsi Refresh Project (and Google of course, although it's hard to keep tabs on all of their many projects), but we still learned something from this. What do you think about these companies and projects? Have you seen or participated in cool projects from other companies? As social media addicts we're always interested in learning more.

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