Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vampire Diaries: Magical Racial Profiling

It is official. Only black people can be witches on The Vampire Diaries.

Yet another black witch appeared on the show in this past Thursday's episode. Her name is Gloria and she is a witch who is over 100 years old but has managed to slow down the aging process due to magic.

Here's Gloria in the 1920's, when Stefan and Klaus were buddies in Chicago:

And here's Gloria now, looking pretty damn hot for a woman her age:


But her age isn't really the most interesting thing about her... it's her race. Another woman of color has been cast as a witch on the show. We have long ago made the argument that all of the people of color on this show were either witches or... dead (or dead witches). But at this point, there has only been one witch that wasn't black (and he wasn't even a witch, he was a warlock played by Gino Anthony Pesi) and at least NINE that were black. This seems highly suspicious.

What exactly are the writers trying to say here?

Just to refresh your memory, in case you've forgotten... here are some of the witches (and warlocks) we've seen on The Vampire Diaries so far:

  Bonnie Bennett

 Emily Benentt (dead)

 Sheila Bennett/"Grams" (dead)

 Lucy Bennett (M.I.A.)

 Bree (dead)

Jonas Martin (dead)
 Luka Martin (dead)

 Greta Martin (dead)

Maddox (dead)

...one of these things is not like the other...

It wouldn't be that big a deal if most of the witches on the show were black if there were any other black people of color on the show, but there aren't. The only other non-witch people of color that had lines (if they were lucky) are all dead now.

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