Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: What Romantic Pairings Haven't They Tried Yet?

One of the problems of a teenage television drama is that in order to keep the story moving, you have to keep creating new relationship pairings. That requires either adding new characters or just re-mixing the original characters. Obviously the latter is easier (and ultimately cheaper) so most of the fictional groups of friends on TV today end up being pretty incestuous.

We were watching The Vampire Diaries the other day and started thinking about how - aside from the show's eternal love triangle of Elena and the Salvatore brothers - the rest of the characters have been swapped around so many times, that it's getting hard to keep track.

So here's a little visual aid to remind everyone just how desperate the writers have been to keep some romantic tension alive on the show...

It seems like they're running out of ideas for pairings. When we saw the flirtation between Klaus and Caroline a few episodes ago, we decided that the writers were starting to get a little desperate. So what's next? Bonnie and Matt? Elena and Tyler? Rebekah and Alaric? Elijah and Dr. Meredith Fell? Yeah... we hope not.

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