Monday, October 8, 2012

Is Mila Kunis An Evil Slut?

So I like the Museum of Sex on facebook, and today they posted the cover of the latest issue of Esquire and asked if everyone agreed with Esquire's pick of Mila Kunis as this year's Sexiest Woman Alive.

Now obviously the whole Sexiest Woman/Man Alive thing is silly. Did last year's Sexiest Woman die, or become measurably less sexy somehow in only one year? And of course there was a lot of discussion and disagreement in the comments about whether Mila deserves this year's "honor" or not, but one comment in particular caught our eye:

Evil and slutty, you say? Fascinating. Seriously, we have so many questions for our new friend Matthew about this. Does he think that Mila looks evil and slutty all the time, or only in this cover shot? (Maybe it's the eyeliner.) And is he saying that women who look evil and slutty are inherently not hot at all, or just that it disqualifies you from Sexiest Woman Alive status? We're thinking of contacting him for an interview so we can get clarification on this McCalvin Theory of Evil Sluttiness, which is clearly very well thought out and scientific. We'll keep you posted.