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The Vampire Diaries Recap: Original Sin

The episode opens up with another round of I Dream of Stefan. In the dream, Stefan stumbles into a bar in the middle of nowhere and starts to eat the bartender. Then he tells her to "RUN!" He steps outside and the sun is just starting to rise... he's not wearing his daylight ring so he starts to burn up.

Then Elena startles awake in bed next to Damon. "I know I said it didn't bother me that you have some psychic connection to your ex boyfriend but I don't need a play-by-play." But then he asks her to tell him anyway because "I'm sure whatever's in my imagination is 10 times worse than what's going on in your subconscious". She describes the bar and then Katherine walks in without knocking (um, boundaries!) and says "Route 29. Joe's bar. I think I had the exact same dream."

There are nine bars down Route 29, none named "Joe's" and even though Damon declares that the idea is crazy, he says he's open minded and they will go look for him. Katherine calls shot-gun "I get carsick in the backseat. Another charming human side effect you stuck me with." Katherine has to come (even though she really doesn't want to go spend more time with America's most boring self-righteous vampire) because Silas wants her bad and so that makes her valuable to them.

Yay! Damon and the Dobrev doppelgangers are going on a road trip! (Really, can be please have a Damon doppelganger?!)

Meanwhile, Silas-Stefan tells Nadia he wants Matt dead and he wants to know for sure that she's not going to betray him. Elsewhere, real Stefan wakes up in a cabin somewhere with Janina Gavankar (this makes Vampire Diaries her third vampire-themed series after stints as Luna on True Blood and before that, Leigh on The Gates). "A vampire doppelganger who's burdened by a conscience. Now I've seen everything."

Turns out she is the person who saved him from burning outside the bar and also the one who found him in the quarry. She tells him she knew Silas way back when he was a "simple man in love with a simple girl". Silas was her one true love and she's alive because "love bends the rules of possible."They were the two most powerful members of a group of gift people called Travelers and Silas said he wanted to find a way for their love to last forever so they would never be parted, even by death.

Stefan says he knows the story: "Some witch named Qetsiyah or whatever came by and screwed him over." Wrong. She is Qetsiyah! Silas convinced her that he loved her so she would make the immortality spell for him. When she realized that he was just using her, she dumped him in a tomb with a cure, hoping he would take it and die because she had created a supernatural limbo to trap his soul ("like any other sane, rational, well-adjusted woman would do" says Stefan).

Now Silas wants to destroy that limbo so he can take the cure, become mortal, die, and finally find peace. But she is She is Qetsiyah - "Clearly you've heard the man's version of the story". She was dead for 2,000 years but she came back for Stefan.

Meanwhile on the doppelganger roadtrip Katherine is using the fact that she and Elena are both dreaming about Stefan to stir up shit between Elena and Damon.

Nadia approaches Matt at the Grille and tells him she's going to keep him safe. "You need to trust me." Then she takes him by the face and says in Czech "Come Forth". Matt's eyes go black and he switches personalities to her fellow Traveler Gregor who she killed last week. She said she had to kill him because Silas was going to anyway and it was the only way to salvage the deal. But she put him inside Matt - the person with the invincibility ring - so he could still live and will try to make it permanent. But first he has to call his friend Elena and find out where Katherine is.

Stefan is having trouble believing Qetsiyah, who wants to change her name to Tessa (which is less old-timey sounding). When Bonnie lowered the veil, Qetsiyah-Tessa saw it as an opportunity to come back since her Hunters weren't doing their job (killing Silas).

She tells Stefan the story of how she had made two batches of Immortality potion for her and Silas to take at their wedding. But Silas stole both potions and left her at the altar. He took the potion and gave her share to his actual true love, her handmaiden Amara (Nina Dobrev!) I guess she is the original of all the Elena-Katherine doppelgangers.

Silas was the first version of Stefan and Amara was the first version of Elena. When they took the immortality potions they violated the laws of nature so nature found a balance by creating mortal shadow selves (doppelgangers). All caused by the ripple effect of Silas and Amara's sin.

Tessa is making Stefan a new daylight ring and then she's going to need his help to bring down Silas once and for all.

Damon and the doppelgangers (great band name) find the bar and they go inside. The bartender tells them about what happened with Stefan - he bit her, ran outside, caught on fire, and got taken away by a woman in Cam Peterson's truck (who lives about 10 miles down the road). Then she pours Damon a drink spiked with vervain. Nadia shows up and asks which one of them is Katherine Pierce. Elena tells Katherine to run and attacks Nadia, but she gets away.

Stefan asks Tessa what happened to Amara. She tells him how she met with Silas after he left her at the altar and said she created a second gift for him (the cure for immortality). He says that is not possible and she said "I know it works, I just used it on someone else immortal", Amara, who she then killed and ripped out her heart. She gave Silas the choice to take the cure and live a long, mortal life with her or stay Immortal and suffer."I'm a complicated person but Silas remains a simple man."

She created the other side as a supernatural barrier between Silas and the peaceful afterlife he craved. Then she dropped him in the tomb with the cure thinking eventually he'd take it so he could die and be with Amara. So far that plan hasn't worked out. "I have trust issues. I'm controlling and paranoid and a little crazy and that's working out just fine."

Elena finds Katherine in the woods and Katherine wants to know why she didn't kill her when she had the chance (after she shoved the cure down her throat). Elena says she values her humanity and she hopes Katherine can find whatever shred of humanity she has left. Katherine thinks it's because being human would be punishment worse than death for her. "No, that was just a happy accident". Katherine says thank you, glad to know that you care "even if you are a condescending bitch." Unfortunately, this little heart-to-heart allowed Nadia to sneak up on them and break Elena's neck (she's a vampire, don't worry, she'll be okay) and take Katerine.

Meanwhile Damon finds Stefan and Tessa/Qetsiyah in the cabin. Damon is tied to a chair by vines that cannot be broken until she gets what she wants. She says she is going to link Stefan to Silas in order to neutralize his mental powers. Once he's weakened she will force him to take the cure, but Damon says the cure is gone. "Katherine you mean, I'm aware of her condition." She says Katherine was supposed to be with Damon, meaning she planned the whole thing. The dreams Elena and Katherine have been having - Qetsiyah planted those! Without Silas' mental powers, he is "an immortal nobody" and they can defeat him.

Silas has tracked Nadia by GPS ("even better than a locator spell") to find her with Katherine. He uses mind control to get Nadia to pull out her gun and aim it at her own heart. Meanwhile Qetsiyah is chanting. Before Nadia can pull the trigger, Silas falls to the ground in pain. The spell worked and he is losing his powers of mind-control. She's frying Silas' brain (and may have fried Stefan's too, he doesn't look so good). Qetsiyah says he will wake "eventually".

Qetsiyah describes Damon and Elena's life as "like watching a soap opera, except boring and with no volume control". She tells Damon the only thing worse than being on the other side and watching Silas resist the cure, was having to watch Stefan and Elena find each other, conquer all, fall in love, etc. century after century. Stefan wasn't Silas' first shadow and destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever. The universe is working against Damon. Qetsiyah and Damon are the same - obstacles standing between two fates, the conflict between true love. "As long as Stefan's in the way you will never be with Elena."

Silas says that he and Qetsiyah have something in common - neither of them will stop til they let what they want - and they both want the same thing, the cure. The reason both Silas and Qetisyah want Katherine is because she is the cure now. The cure is running through her veins - in her blood.

Poor Matt wakes up in the dark, on the floor, all confused. Elena calls and tells him that they found Stefan but lost Katherine. She asks "are you okay? You sounded weird on the phone earlier." He doesn't remember talking on the phone with her today, but apparently he asked where they were headed and she told him. He lies and says he does remember and notices blood footprints and a knife in his pocket. Hm... what did Gregor do?

Back at casa de Salvatore, Stefan is still knocked out. Elena puts his daylight ring back on him and asks Damon waht Qetsiyah said to him. He says she told him that they don't stand a chance...
Elena: "And what does she know about us?"

Damon: "She told me a very interesting story about the history of doppelgangers and how they're fated to fall in love with each other. Basically the universe programmed you to fall in love with Stefan, not me, which means ... we're a lost cause no matter what we do. I'm paraphrasing."

Elena: "The universe?"

Damon: "Her words, not mine."

Elena: "So she's crazy."

Damon: "Maybe. Maybe she's not."

Elena: "Look, I know I spent the last couple days focusing on trying to find Stefan. But that has nothing to do with how I feel about you. And I'm not gonna let Silas' 2,000-year-old ex-girlfriend screw things up for us."

Damon: "You think I am? No one tells me how I live my life, no one tells me who I love. Especially not some vindictive prehistoric witch. And definitely not the universe. I'm not gonna let someone else's idea of destiny stop me from loving your or being with you or building a future with you because you are my life."

She kisses him, just as Stefan wakes up.

Damon: "Welcome back brother."

Elena: "Stefan, we missed you."

Stefan: "Uh, I'm sorry. I have no idea who you people are."

Dun... dun... dun...

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