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The Vampire Diaries: Halloween Edition

I'm still working on a candy hangover... so I will apologize in advance if this recap is a little nonsensical. (Not that The Vampire Diaries ever actually makes sense.)

The episode opens up with Jesse waking up in Dr. Maxfield's lab, strapped to an exam table, having been turned into a vampire. Maxfield is doing tests on him and he's hungry. "After his initial transition, Subject 62547 has undergone three days without feeding. Subject is weak but lucid." Maxfield is a dick. It looks like he turned Jesse into a vampire with the sole purpose of studying him, which is kinda fucked considering that they were almost friends (he was his T.A.). He says he seems to be a "perfect candidate". Candidate for what? I almost don't want to know.

Elena is back to writing in her vampire diary. Since Stefan burned his last week, someone  needs to keep the title going. She's back at school, trying to move on after Bonnie's death, like Bonnie wanted. Caroline is back with Tyler and Elena is still seeking answers to why Dr. Maxfield covered up the death-by-vampire of her former roommate Megan. Bonnie is ghost eavesdropping on her, because that's what Bonnie does, follow around Elena... even after death.

Damon comes to visit Elena at school but she is distant and weird. He thinks she's been avoiding him and it looks like she has been... but she did invite him to a costume ball at school. I'm sure Damon is psyched about that.

Caroline has signed Tyler up to be a sociology major (he doesn't even get a say in this?) and she got him a single dorm room. He does not want to talk about it She calls him a "hybrid-size jerk" for never calling her back but says he can make it up to her by going to the costume ball with her. He does not seem interested. Something tells me this little happy reunion will be short-lived.

Elena sees a guy looking all sad in front of Megan's memorial photo and introduces herself, saying she was her roommate. He knew Megan growing up and he doesn't believe that it was a suicide (which we all know it wasn't) but he doesn't want to talk to Elena and won't tell her his name.

Stefan-Silas calls Nadia and tells her that he wants Katherine Pierce. She says he knows that and that's why he took her away from her. He can have her when she's done. "Why don't you mind-control a whole town of people and find out where I'm holding her. Oh right, you can't." His brain is still on the fritz due to an "ex-fiance stalker-witch who can't seem to take a hint." Nadia tells Katherine that Silas will need every last sip of blood in her body in order to get the cure, so it will kill her.

Damon tells Jeremy that he has a good idea to get Bonnie back, but they shouldn't tell Elena about it until it works. Because Bonnie died by bringing Jeremy back to life (natural balance of things) he thinks that Silas dying would be a "huge waste of a perfectly good death" if they didn't use that to bring back Bonnie. Since Silas wants to die anyway (he wants to be able to "rest in peace" with his love Amara).
Damon: To die, he has to be mortal. If he's mortal he's a witch. If he dies as a witch then he's stuck on the other side forever.
Jeremy: He already tried to bring down the veil and he failed.
Bonnie: Maybe he has a plan B. Maybe he wants to do more than drop the veil and let all the ghosts out.
Damon: She knows I can't hear her, right?

Qetsiyah's spell was bound to a mystical anchor and she's probably protecting it, so if they can find it and destroy it, Silas can die... but before he dies, he can do a spell that will swap his life for Bonnie's.
Bonnie: It's possible, but this is the same Silas who murdered my father. He's ruthless. And whatever spell he could do, there'll be some consequences, there always is, so no, my answer's definitely not.
Damon: What'd she say? Tell me!
Jeremy: She's in!

Damon goes to Silas with the idea and Silas says he has one thing he wants: He wants Damon to kill Stefan. Dun dun dun...

Nadia tells Katherine that she's been tracking her for 500 years, so she has some questions. She wants to know if she really did sell out her friends during the Mystic Falls vampire round-up of 1864. "I was running from Klaus. I needed to jet solo. I threw a couple of vampire names on a hit list. Sue me! I also impersonated a teenager to get my ex-boyfriends to make out with me, staged a fake fight to trigger my lover's werewolf curse. Ohhh and I chopped off this douchey guy's fingers with a butcher knife once, that was cool."
Nadia: What about ripping a mother away from her daughter? Having her killed for your own benefit?

Nadia says she had herself turned into a vampire so she could even the playing ground and hunt Katherine for however long it took. She did it because Katherine killed her mother in Paris 1645. Katherine stakes Nadia and runs out.

Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls Bonnie is pissed at Jeremy because magic always has a price. He tells her "What is worse than this? Seeing you and hearing you and not being able to feel you. This isn't enough anymore." So he wants her to let Damon try to bring her back.

Caroline and Tyler arrive at the ball as Bonnie and Clyde. Everyone is supposed to dress as a historical figure, so Stefan is "James Dean" and Elena and Damon are dressed as Lady Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. (Caroline picked out the costumes, can you tell?)

Elena feels guilty about Bonnie's death - that she never even knew about - and won't let Megan's death fall through the cracks too. She sees Megan's friend at the party so goes over to him and asks again for his name, he still doesn't want to tell her. She compels him to find out if he killed Megan. 
Friend: Of course not.
Elena: Then why are you acting so shady?
Friend: Because everyone around me dies. It's like a curse. My friends, my family, one by one I've lost every single person in my life. So if you had any idea what survivor's guilt felt like you'd leave me alone.
Elena: Forget about my questions.
Friend: It's uh... Aaron. My name. See ya around, maybe.
If there's one thing Elena does know about, it's survivor's guilt.

Qetsiyah arrives at the party dressed as Cleopatra and goes over to Stefan at the bar.
Qetsiyah: Where I come from, open bar meant ceramic jugs of Phoenician wine.
Stefan: Okaaay.
Qetsiyah: You have no idea who I am , do you?
Stefan: No offense, but I actually have no idea who a lot of people are.
Qetsiyah: Tessa. formerly known as Qetsiyah.
Stefan: The girl who wiped my memories
Qetsiyah: Nothing personal, a little ex-boyfriend drama. Let me make it up to you, buy you an I'm sorry drink.

Damon: More like an I'm sorry keg. Pardon us...
Stefan: You, my brother, make a terrible wingman.
Damon: Trust me the last guy who hit on her is still paying for it.

He takes Stefan away to an empty room. Silas-Stefan arrives ("hello me") and Damon snaps Stefan's neck in front of him. Silas-Stefan puts on Damon's costume "Do you want to explain to me why I just killed my brother?" By killing Stefan, he severed the link between him and Silas that Qetsiyah created, which brought back his mind-control powers.
"Of all the men here, Tessa went straight for Stefan. This face won her heart before. See a woman never forgets her first love, no matter how badly it ended."

He goes back to Tessa, so he can read her mind and find out where the anchor is hidden. Silas cozies up to Tessa, breaks down her defenses, and then reveals his true identity. He uses his mind control powers to ask where the anchor to the other side is. She doesn't know either! She created it but the Travelers took it and hid it and they move it constantly. She's at the dance because she's looking for her pendant which will enhancer her powers so she can do a locator spell and find it.  He tells her to forget what they spoke about and find the pendant. Then Silas starts getting a headache, as Stefan starts to come to again. Damon snaps his neck again and Silas is back. Damon texts him "Hurry up."

Meanwhile Nadia is still trying to remove that stake from her heart. "Having trouble getting that out? I grazed your heart on purpose." She still wants Nadia alive because she wants to know why she made up that fake story about her mom... it was a test and Katherine failed. Nadia just wanted to get under her skin. She didn't kill her mother in Paris, but she did kill her mother... in a little cottage in England, on April 6, 1492 after she'd been exiled by her family 2 years earlier. 
Nadia: You stuck her head in a noose and pushed her off a chair and snapped her neck.
Katherine: Who are you?
Nadia: My name is Nadia Petrova.

She is Katherine's daughter!

Back at the ball, Elena dances with Dr. Maxfield. He is so damn creepy. He's dressed as Dr. Jekyll (so appropriate!) 
Elena: Where's Mr. Hyde?
Dr. Maxfield: I don't know, I'm not responsible for my darker half.

She asks him why he lied on the death certificate. "I didn't want to lie. I couldn't exactly tell her parents a mountain lion attacked her at a frat party. I'd be fired." His theory is that a vampire hunted her down, ripped her throat out and threw her off that roof. She wants to know what he knows about vampire? 
Dr. Maxfield: It doesn't matter what I know Elena, because we're never gonna see each other again. Because there are people at this school watching you and your friends and asking questions you don't want them to ask. so pack your things, drop out and move back to Mystic Falls.

Tyler tells Caroline "I can't do the college thing right now." She knows she's been pushing too hard, but she's happy that he's back and they're together. He tells her the reason they're together is because Klaus granted them permission to be together and he can't live like that. "He killed my mom and got away with it. I can't just start caring about sociology and frat parties." He won't give it a chance. He came back to say goodbye so he can go after Klaus and destroy his life like he destroyed his. 
Caroline: "For someone who hates Klaus, you certainly sound a lot like him." 
Maybe Tyler will show up on the Originals next week!

Tessa/Qetsiyah finds her pendant and starts to chant to find the anchor. Stefan-Silas comes in and tries to read her mind,but just then Stefan must be coming back to life because he can't. Stefan looks like he's still out, but before Damon can snap his neck again he jumps up and snaps Damon's neck instead "how's it feel brother?"

Qetsiyah goes to Stefan to see if he's okay. Real Stefan appears and says "that's Silas." He punches him and takes his daylight ring back. "He's working with my brother and everything he said to you is a lie."
Qetsiyah: You know where the anchor is. Too bad you won't be around to find it. (She starts to chant a spell.)
Silas:  You can't kill me.
Qetsiyah: I don't have to kill you yet.
Silas: You love me, you know you love me.
Qetsiyah: I did love you. You broke my heart and now I'm gonna break yours.... Or at least stop it from working. 
She shoves her hand into his chest, Once Upon a Style time and says she will stop his heart from beating so his blood can't flow and his veins dry up and he rots from the inside out. Yikes. Damon and Elena find "dead" Stefan-Silas and bring him back to casa de Salvatore.

Back at party-central, Dr. Maxfield stops Aaron and makes him give up his car keys because he can smell alcohol on his breath. Turns out he is Aaron's legal guardian and manager of his trust fund! (Maybe that "curse" where everyone he knows dies, is Maxfield's fault.) He tells him to stay away from Elena Gilbert.

Nadia (sans-stake) and Katherine are talking in the hotel room. Nadia says she was a fool not to run. Katherine says that Silas doesn't need her until he figures out how to destroy the other side. If he cures himself before then, he dies as a witch and is stuck in supernatural purgatory. She tells Nadia that she went back to Bulgaria in 1498 to look for her, searched every village and every cottage, but couldn't find her. Nadia is surprised that she went back for her. Katherine tells her "it's nice to meet you."

Caroline goes to say goodbye to Tyler. "I've decided that I'm not going to have this conversation again. I can't just sit here while I'm waiting for you to come back." She asks him to stay and just love her more than she hates him. He says he's sorry, but he can't do that. She's pissed and tells him if he leaves, they are done. No more chances. He's crying, but he still leaves.

Elena explains to Damon the sitch with Dr. Maxfield and realizes that solving Megan's death won't bring back Bonnie. If she wants to bring Bonnie back they need to cure Silas. Katherine arrives at casa de Salvatore, upon Damon's request and sees dead Silas Stefan. Then she realizes why she's really there. "He needs all of my blood Damon! It'll kill me! I don't want to die, please!" He bites her neck, forces her neck onto Silas and says goodbye to her. As Silas continues to feed, he comes back to life slightly and Katherine falls to the ground.

There's a faint heartbeat... "Do you hear that?"  Katherine awakes and asks "Am I in hell?"

Close enough...

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