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The Vampire Diaries Recap: I've Got Doppelgangers Coming Out of My Ears

This extra doppelganger-filled episode of The Vampire Diaries opens up with Silas-Stefan sitting at a bus stop chit-chatting with a random couple about his love life.
Silas: The problem is when I was with Amara I was with another woman, so I kind of cheated on her. Which to be honest with you, it really wouldn't have been thta big of a deal except that it turned out the other woman was a raging lunatic so when she found out that I cheated on her, she freaked out, turned Amara into stone. Like, literally. Medusa-style.

He's bummed because he finally found Amara and then she stabbed him in the neck and drank his blood (aka the cure). He hops on a bus back to Mystic Falls. Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan is having "I Dream of Stefan" nightmares now that he can remember all the bad shit that happened to him. Elena made him coffee. (Why do vampires drink coffee? They're vampires.) She wants to start fresh, but he tells her that Tessa gave him back his memories and those memories suck. They catch him up on what he's missed the last day or so.
Elena: We have a situation.
Damon: ...of the doppelganger variety.
Stefan: Katherine?
Damon: Nope, not Katherine.

Amara (a.k.a. "Crazy Pants") is locked in their basement talking to herself. We are reminded that she's the anchor to the other side and now that she took the cure (and can now die) they have to keep her safe and alive until Silas gets back to Mystic Falls to do the spell that will bring Bonnie back.

Jeremy tells Bonnie he has three things to tell her. "This is not a goodbye" is the first thing. He knows that some how she will always be there. The second is "thank you" for giving up her life so that he could life. She doesn't want him to tell her the third thing yet. If he waits to tell her another time, then that means there will be another time.
Jeremy: I'm not sure it works like that.
Back at the college, Dr. Maxfield tells Katherine that she's healthy. Her hair is going gray, her teeth are falling out, but her bloodwork is clean. "Patient is irritible, not sure if this is a symptom or personality." (Personality!) The problem is that she's aging. The last time she was alive was 500 years ago or so and time is catching up with her. Life is running it's course, quicker than normal and she probably only has a few months left.

Silas finally checks in with Damon, who's pissed he's taking a bus becaues they're kind of in a rush over there. 
Damon: We need you back here to resurrect Bonnie before your nutter butter soul mate offs herself and destroys the other side.
Silas: Yeah I've been thinking about that. Amara needs to die.
Damon: Pardon me?
Silas: My poor Amara, all those years trapped in stone clearly left her unhinged. So look, if she doesn't want to spend another moment on this earth I'm more than happy to put her out of her misery and spend the rest of eternity in the afterlife with her. Listen, if you want to go ahead and kill her and save me the trouble, then please, by all means.
Damon: Not til you bring Bonnie back, remember? Promises made. Metaphorical hands shook.

Silas has decided that he won't help Damon bring Bonnie back after all. He scoffed at the idea of the doppelgangers being destined to be together so he doesn't want to help him save his relationship. He wants him to have to break his promise to Elena (to bring Bonnie back). Ugh, this whole love triangle thing is getting tired. Team Damon all the way. In fact, Damon needs a doppelganger!

Back on campus, Caroline is still trying to reach Jesse (good luck there) when Nadia shows up looking for Katherine. "Great, even Katherine's friends are bitches." Katherine lies and says Nadia is her stylist (ha) so Caroline will leave. Nadia says she's been avoiding her and is pissed.

Back at casa de Salvatore, Elena is telling Stefan that they need to protect Amara from Silas so he won't kill her. She won't give up on trying to get Bonnie back. Stefan tells her she puts her hope in the wrong places and wrong people (while giving Damon the stink eye, ouch). Stefan says Silas needs to die and he needs to be the one to kill him.

Bonnie and Jeremy visit Amara to bring her dinner and she recognizes Jeremy as the hunter that Silas killed. She wants to know how he came back. Then she guesses that it was Bonnie - she can see her!
Amara: Of course I can see you. I'm not blind, I have eyes. Or... are you dead? I get so mixed up, I can't tell the difference between the living or the dead.
Turns out she's the anchor to the other side so she can see everything on both sides and surprise! She and Bonnie can touch each other too. This gives them an idea. Amara exists in both places at once, so why can't Bonnie? 
Damon: So she's not "crazy crazy" she's just talking to dead supernatural beings roaming around in our basement.
Jeremy tells Elena and Damon that they should just make Bonnie become the anchor. Amara can die, Bonnie can "live" kinda. They decide to ask Tessa to help them with the spell because no one wants Amara and Silas separated more than her. Damon explains the situation to Tessa...
Damon: Silas is literally on his way to kill her. He's completely obsessed with destroying the other side so he and Amara can live happily ever in the great beyond.

He wants to make a deal, make Bonnie the anchor instead of Amara and they both get what they want. She agrees to the anchor swap. 
Tessa: I'd be making a ghost a human toll booth between our side and the other side, giving her the power to interact with our physical world and the supernatural purgatory. 
But she needs a massive amount of power to do a huge spell like that. Doppelgangers!
Damon: You want doppelganger blood? I got doppelgangers coming out of my blood. How many do you want?
Seriously, there should've been a drinking game tied to this episode. Drink every time someone says "doppelganger!"

Back at home, Elena tells Stefan that revenge isn't worth it. He admits that while he was drowning and dying over and over again in the safe in the quarry, certain memories gave him hope... but eventually the pain made those go away too. Every time he closes his eyes he can see Silas stabbing him and feel himself drowining again. He needs to make it stop or he's going to lose his humanity.

Back on campus, Nadia is upset that Katherine has been avoiding her. 
Nadia: We had a moment, you and I. There was a bond, I felt it. And then, nothing. You abandoned me all over again.
Caroline interrupts the "weirdest lunch ever" to take Katherine back to casa de Salvatore because they need her doppelganger blood.
Tessa: So you live in this giant mansion with 2 doppelgangers who are destined to end up together. I swear there's a sitcom in there somewhere. So where's the ancient boyfriend stealing bitch?
(Can you imagine The Vampire Diaries as a Three's Company style sitcom? I would totally watch that show.)

Tessa goes to talk trash to Amara. She's still holding a grudge after all this time. 
Tessa: Well if it isn't the face that launched a 1,000 doppelgangers. 
Amara begs her to kill her. She tells her that she will, once she makes someone else the anchor. Amara will die and Silas will be trapped on the other side and they will spend eternity apart.
Tessa: That is gonna be kinda fantastic for me. Selfishly speaking.
Then Katherine finally arrives, three doppelgangers for the price of one!
Katherine: The cute one's here!
Tessa: Let me guess, you must be... who now?
Katherine wants Tessa to fix her aging-faster-than-normal problem. Tessa agrees to find a way to stop her from dying after the ritual is over.
Tessa: Now where's Tweedledee and Tweedledum? 

Tessa begins the ritual. The interaction between Katherine, Amara and Elena is both bizarre and hilarious. Props to Nina Dobrev for portraying three separate personalities so clearly. She should really be getting paid extra for this. Tessa does the ritual, but in the middle she is interrupted by some magical happenings (it's Silas) and the room goes dark.
Damon: The electricity is out in the whole house. What happened?
Elena: Silas is here.
Damon: Well Silas owes me a fuse box. Hang on, I only count 2 doppelgangers. Where's crazy pants?
Elena: And where's the other crazy?
Both Tessa and Amara are missing... but they're not together. Tessa has gone to confront Silas. Amara is missing and both Tessa and Silas are pissed.
Silas: You spent 2,000 years waiting for me to die just so you could be with me. And all along the universe knew I belonged with someone else. Doesn't that make your whole existence, I don't know, a total waste?
Tessa: I loved you.
Silas:Yeah? Well get in line.
Just then Stefan calls Silas. He has Amara. Stefan knows that Silas doesn't want to save Amara's life, so he threatens to take her away and keep her alive if he doesn't meet with him.

Elsewhere, Katherine's hand won't stop bleeding so Caroline offers her blood so she can heal. She gags on it.
Katherine: Just another tragic side effect from taking that cure. Apparently the universe just doesn't want me to heal from vampire blood. Stupid universe.
The universe is being kind of a dick this whole episode. 

Elena finds Tess half dead, where Silas has left her after stabbing her. Elena forces her up, because she's not done yet. She has to bring Bonnie back (as the anchor).
Tessa: Can't a witch rest in peace?

Silas finds Amara in the woods, but Stefan isn't there. (Or is he?)
Amara: I loved you. I still do. But I can't live any longer. Please understand.
Silas: I understand. I love you. 
He tries to kill her, but he just can't do it. Awww. Before he can finish the job, Stefan grabs him. It's a doppelganger off! vampire vs. witch!
Silas: What's it like to die? I've never done it. You must've done it what, 1,000 times over the summer. I spent 2,000 years alone in a tomb. You were locked up for what, 3 months?
Stefan stabs Silas and he finally dies. After his death Amara calls out in pain, clutching her stomach. Then she takes the knife from his chest "our journey starts now" and stabs herself, just as Damon arrives. (Elena had sent him to find Stefan while Tessa finished the spell because she was worried about him, as always.) He tries to give Amara vampire blood but she gags on it. He's trying to save her life long enough for Tessa to finish the spell. His desperation to keep her alive shows on his face.
Amara: I've been in hell for 2,000 years!
Damon: What's another 5 minutes?
Bonnie appears to Jeremy to say goodbye. She can feel that Amara is dying and the other side is slipping away. She asks Jeremy to tell her the third thing. It is "I love you." He says he's not ready to let her go and reaches to touch her  face... and can actually do it. He can fell her. It worked! Elena and Caroline can see Bonnie too. She is the new anchor.
Caroline: Oh my God! And we can be roommates cause we have an extra bed and we can clear out half the closet!
Katherine reminds Tessa that she has to save her life now. 
Tessa: You want me to stop the aging? Find a drugstore cream.
She refuses to do it. Altering someone's life span is what started this whole mess in the first place. She's learned her lesson and won't do it again. Amara is gone and Silas is waiting for her on the other side. Then Katherine notices the blood on the floor. She's dying.
Tessa: True love prevails. Universe be damned.
Tessa dies. Then she appears to Bonnie and gives her this one last dying message... the supernatural fine print to being the anchor.
Tessa: I'm dead, as I pass through you, you'll feel my death. You'll feel every death. Every supernatural being that passes over to the other side will pass through you. Sorry. That's gonna hurt like a bitch.
And it does. No wonder Amara was so crazy.

Elena wants to know that Stefan killing Silas worked and that he's okay now. While he was suffering, dying over and over again in the quarry, she was happy. She was in love and having the summer of her dreams, while he was in pain. So she needs to know that this worked and will take away all of his suffering now.
Stefan: I wanted it to be you. When that safe finally opened and somebody found me. I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be both of you.
Later on, Katherine goes back to the dorms to get her stuff (now that Bonnie's back she has to move out).
Caroline: Thank you, for what you did today.
Katherine. Enough. I killed you once. We still hate each other, okay?
Caroline: Yes you did. And yes we do.
Katherine: Where the hell is my bag?
Nadia has it, already packed. She is going back to Prague and wants Katherine to come with her. They can go to Bulgaria and start over together. Katherine says she doesn't want to do any mother-daughter bonding with her.
Katherine: I don't want to know you. I'm doing you a favor Nadia, okay? I can't be there for you, so take a good look because you are never going to see me again.
Is this Katherine's last act of "motherly' love? To spare her daughter watching her die? Or is she just a cold-hearted bitch after all? And wait... Nadia is going back to Prague? What about her Traveler buddy who is sharing space in Matt Donovan's brain? Is she just going to leave him/them behind?

Back in the woods Stefan buries Silas. He keeps having flashbacks of drowining in the quarry again and again. Guess killing Silas ddn't work. "No. it's over. It's supposed to be over." Unfortunately it's not over, but the episode is....

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