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The Vampire Diaries Recap: Nina Dobrev is the hardest working woman on the CW

So Katherine is still alive! She survived Silas draining her of her blood (so he could get 'the cure'). But there was one catch... she's got a funky grey streak in her hair. Of course, this is probably a sign of something much bigger... is Katherine aging rapidly

At Casa de Salvatore, Elena and Damon are snuggling by the fire.
Elena: This is nice.
Damon: It is nice.
Elena: Quiet. Still. Peaceful. I like our life when it's lke this.
Damon: But it is our life. Which probably means that something's gonna walk through that door and shatter it...

He counts down from 10 and Silas-Stefan walks in teh door! Surprise! He's happy that he's not cursed anymore and finally gets to die (and reunite with his one true love, Amara, after 2,000 years). Elena is psyched too because they are going to try to bring Bonnie back.

Damon: There are promises that she's expecting you to keep. 
Silas: Oh you don't think that I keep my promises?
Elena:You said that now that you're a witch again you would bring Bonnie back from the other side.
Silas: I did. And I can.
Elena: And you promised Damon that you would do that if he helped you. But you're kind of evil. No offense.
Silas: None taken.
Elena: I'm trying to figure out how I can trust that one of your last acts will be to bring my best friend back.
Silas: Do you want me to pinky swear?
(Really, that whole conversation happened as exposition for the viewers, in case we forgot why Silas and Damon were working together.) Silas just wants to destroy the other side, so he doesn't get stuck in purgatory when he dies. He can bring Bonnie back before that... he just needs to find the anchor first. If he destroys the anchor he can break the spell. It's in New Jersey ("The supernatural otherworld is bound by an object in Snookie's backyard?")
Jeremy: We're just supposed to believe that he's gonna bring Bonnie back to life out of the goodness of his heart.

Silas: Well I hope not I am kind of a monster.

Back at Tessa's place (I still want to call her Qetsiyah) Stefan awakens confused. "Is that the amneisa or the tequila?" Both. Tessa tells him that last night they bonded and she knows that Silas took the cure, so he's mortal (well, a witch) and now can kill him. Tessa tells Stefan about the Travelers - they do not want Silas to destroy the other side and be at peace with "that slut Amara that he calls his one true love." They have had the anchor for 2,000 years and constantly move it so they won't let Silas get near it (at least not before Tessa kills him) and even if they fail, he won't be able to destroy it.

Silas, Damon and Jeremy are going on a "No Girls Allowed" road trip to find the anchor.
Silas: She's a freaky carbon copy of my one true love Amara. You can understand why I don't wanna stare at her imposter face all day.
Damon: That makes no sense.
Silas: It would make complete sense if you were ever in love with anybody who looked exactly like her.

Ha! Speaking of look-a-likes... I'm going to go off on a tangent for a moment here, my apologies. I'm still stuck on this whole doppelganger bullshit because they completed changed the doppelganger mythology from earlier seasons.

Originally we knew that Elena looked just like Katherine because she was her descendent and a "Petrova doppelganger". Katherine (Katerina Petrova) was originally a doppelganger herself - of a woman named Tatia Petrova that Original brothers Klaus and Elijah both fell in love with. She was described as the Original Petrova and her blood was used both to create the spell that made them vampires in the first place and to seal the Hybrid Curse. Did Esther (the Original witch) know that she was a doppelganger when she cast the spell or that the blood of her future-doppelgangers would break the spell?

Now that Tessa told us that the doppelgangers of Silas and Amara were destined to fall in love with each other again and again, it opens up a whole bunch of other questions. If there's a new Petrova doppelganger born every 500 years (Tatia in the 10th century, Katherine in the 15th, Elena in the 20th) where was the Silas-doppelganger during Tatia's time, when Klaus and Elijah were fighting over her? And why wasn't there a Silas-doppelganger born around the time that Elena was? If we're going to follow the real logic, Stefan should be destined to fall in love with Katherine, not Elena, and there should be some other lookalike out there for Elena.

But wait... Stefan was born in the 19th century, which doesn't match the 500 years thing at all. How could the doppelgangers of Silas and Amara be destined to be together if they're not even born in the same century? He was born 400 years too late to have been destined to fall in love with Katherine and at least 100 years too early to have been destined to fall in love with Elena. It makes no sense! I can suspend my disbelief that there are vampires and werewolves and witches and doppelgangers and Immortals etc... but I'm sorry, the writers lost me on this one. It just feels like a way to justify Elena eventually breaking Damon's heart to be Stefan again (it's her fate) even though the fans will fucking FLIP OUT because we all love Ian Sommerhalder.

Anyway, back to the All Boys Roadtrip. Silas shoots Elena in the leg with a crossbow so she won't be able to go with them (dick move) and then they go to find the anchor before sundown. That's because he put a spell on Tessa's cabin - she's stuck there until sundown (and so is Stefan!) "You don't scheme as long as I have without considering every possiblity." Except she didn't consider the possibility that Silas might use the spell that she taught him to keep her trapped in the cabin all day while he goes looking for the anchor.

Back at college, Caroline finds Katherine in her dorm room (she died her grey streak) and mistakes her for Elena at first. She just needs a plae to crash because Damon kicked her out, Stefan doesn't remember her and she has no money. Caroline is packing to move out because Dr. Maxfield told her and Elena to scram, but Katherine shames her for giving up. ("very un-Caroline of you"). In exchange for a place to stay (and Elena's meal card) Katherine will help her deal with Dr. Maxfield.

"You're scared of a teacher? Oh  honey you really need to take a crash course on Villain 101. Luckily for you, I have an honorary doctorate. What do you say, roomie?"

Elena calls Stefan's phone and Tessa answers. Elena is not happy and calls Damon about it. Damon has to admit that he had to break Stefan's neck a couple times to help Silas. She's pissed.

And now a joke from Silas:
Knock Knock!
Who's there
The Mayor
The Mayor Who?
No one! That's the joke.
No one's there because I killed the mayor.

Elena goes to Tessa's cabin. Stefan tells her she shouldn't have come inside. She apologizes for Damon (etc) but then, of course, she can't leave. Oops. Meanwhile, Damon and Silas-Stefan discuss the "doppelganger prophecy crap".
Silas: Do you not notice the universe trying to mirror my love for Amara by bringing our doppelgangers together?
Damon: You do realize that by destroying the other side that you are personally moving heaven and earth to be together. Thats not fate you idiot. That"s you being a crazy person.

They get to the warehouse and there are numerous crates but Silas doesn't know what the anchor is. He only knows that it's in this warehouse. "It's binds a spell to a supernatural hell dimension. It's not gonna look like a freakin' IKEA sink." They start searching.

Back on campus, Dr. Maxfield is at his lab studying cell samples from poor Jesse. Katheine and Caroline sneak up on him and knock him out. Katherine and Caroline are going to drain Dr. Maxfield's vervain-soaked blood so they can compel him to forget that she and Elena are vampires. Katherine puts a scalpel to his neck and asks who else knows about them. The "society" is meeting at the Whitmore house to find potential candidates. They were going invite Elena, but they started to suspect that she was a vampire. "So all I have to do is convince them that Elena Gilbert isn't a vampire? Done." Lucky for them, Katherine isn't a vampire.

Bonnie's ghost comes to visit Jeremy and lets him know that she's not getting her hopes up about coming back from the dead. He tells her she has to believe that it will work, for him. "Jer, just so we're clear. I would die 100 times over just to have you standing here alive, in front of me." Silas tells Damon that the reason Travelers hate him is because he created the Immortality spell. They know the anchor is the only thing standing between him and his soulmate. "Every love story needs that one thing that just keeps getting in the way. Kinda like you Damon."

Tessa calls Damon from Stefan's phone and tells him to kill Silas for her. "Gladly, but he's such a control freak that he wants to off himself, himself." She wants him dead before he finds the anchor and breaks the spell. He lets her know that she lured Elena there using "the oldest trick in the book - jealousy" of Stefan. She says he has til sundown to kill Silas or she will kill Elena. Now Damon has a tough decision: Double-cross Silas, thereby losing the chance to bring Bonnie back from the dead or keep his deal with Silas (hoping that he'll uphold his end of hte bargain and bring back Bonnie) but risk that Tessa will kill Elena.Of course, he chooses Option A.

Jeremy: You promised Elena that she would see Bonnie again.
Damon: You don't think I'm aware of that? But if Tessa kills Elena guess whose not gonna make it to Bonnie's welcome home party. Plan's off Jeremy. Bonnie's not coming back.

Can Jeremy really put the life of his ex-girlfriend over the life of his sister? No, he can't. Bonnie tells him "Is there a part of you that thinks for one minute I'd let one of my friends die just so I could come back to life?" She says maybe she's just supposed to accept it, so he should go help Damon kill Silas.

Katherine shows up at Whitmore House posing as Elena. She walks in, uninvited (proving herself not to be a vampire) and proceeds to stuff her face full of food. She runs into Aaron who recognizes her as Elena. She asks him if he's part of "the secret society" but he has no idea what she's talking about. Then she coughs and a tooth falls out. There's the rest of that cure-no-cure consequence. Is Katherine dying?

Tessa explains to Elena that it's because of Bonnie that she was able to come back from the dead. Elena explains that Silas was going to bring her back to life after he got the anchor. Now she's afraid that Damon - "who has never put anyone's life before mine, including his own" - is going to kill Silas before he could do that. Stefan is being all gross and flirty with Tessa and Elena does not like it.

Back at the warehouse, Damon finds Travelers. They start chanting and Damon starts to burn in the sunlight that shines through the window. He steps back into the shadows. "Why do you witches always go for the daylight ring? I was about to do your little Euro-trip a favor. I wanna kill Silas too." They don't want him dead yet. Well that doesn't work for Damon, so he kills them both.

Caroline compells Dr. Maxfield to answer her questions and learns that the secret society is called Augustine. Most recruits are legacies but some - like him - are chosen for their extraordinary talents (e.g., being brillant). He covered up their roommate Megan's death because she was killed by the Augustine vampire. (They have their own vampire?) But then there's a knock on the door and it's the woman from the party that met Katherine-Elena. Caroline quickly compells him to believe that she and Elena aren't vampires and he's light-headed from giving blood this weekend. The woman tells him Elena is "clearly not a vampire. What made you so convinced she was?" He has no idea.

Back at the cabin Stefan cooks for Tessa while Elena looks on, moping. "Okay, I get it. You hate me."
She tells Stefan that even though he has no memories, she does and this person (Tessa) is not the type of person he would like. Tessa goes to call Damon and Stefan whispers to Elena "I got this. I know you think that I hate you but I don't. I won't let her hurt you, I promise." Damon wants to know why Travelers would stop him from killing Silas. She says they probably want his blood (he drank the cure from Katherine so now his blood is the cure). They aren't fans of immortality. She had to bind the other side to something that would last forever, and Silas couldn't destroy.... "Something a little closer to his heart, 2,000 years old, Immortal, indestructible". Just as the sun is setting, Stefan stabs Tessa nd rushes out with Elena... just as we all realize that Amara is the anchor. She never killed her. She made her Immortal! She is frozen like stone (having been locked away 2,000 years).

Silas drags one of the dead travelers over to Amara and cuts his arm so she can drink his blood and come back to life. The stone starts to crack and she turns back to flesh. Silas helps Amara out of the warehouse. She can't believe it's possible that he's there after all this time. He says he thought she was dead. (I wonder if Nina Dobrev gets paid triple for playing three roles in one episode.)
Amara: She couldn't kill me, she said there was only one cure. She wanted it for you.
Silas: I took it. I'm sorry. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be at peace with you.
Amara: The cure runs in your veins?
Silas: I was ready to die for you.
(She grabs a shard of glass.)
Amara: I love you Silas, I'm so sorry, but I have to be cured.
(She starts to drink his blood.)
Amara: I can't live another day.

Back at the lab, Dr. Maxfield is confused. Katherine walks in and returns Maxfield's recorder she had stolen. She says she listened to it and found most of it boring except for the part about his subject's blood being abnormal. That part she found mildly interesting.

Dr. Maxfield: I think you should go
Katherine: And do what? Sprinkle all of your dirty little secrets across campus? Like Augustine and all the vampire experiments that you've been doing? C'mon Dr. Wes, aren't you supposed to be some sort of genius? I'm sure we can come up with some creative solution for our little predicament.
Dr. Maxfield: I have to say, if I wasn't such a genius I might actually think you were blackmailing me Elena.
Katherine: Actually my name's Katherine. Elena is my doppelganger and while I let you chew on that, I'll admit there is something that I can't solve on my own.
 She shows him the tooth. She wants his help. She thinks she's dying and she wants him to save her life.

Back at the warehouse, Amara is acting crazy. She's talking to herself. "Stop talking. It's not up to you. Leave me alone!" Damon finds her...
Amara: Are you real?
Damon: Are you?

Back at Casa de Salvatore, Elena thanks Stefan for saving her life and thanks him for still being him (even without his memories).  
Damon: Stefan Salvatore sleeps in his own bed tonight. Does that mean he stopped hating us or did the power of the doppelganger universe push him into the car with you?
Elena: Well, he saved my life so I'll take that as not-hate.
Damon: Victory on a day otherwise marred by failure.

Bonnie tells Jeremy to tell Elena that "it's for the best". He disagrees. Elena says they will keep trying. They've dealt with worse. They do have some problems right now though... Silas is missing and Amara has been cured (which means now she is easy to kill).
Damon: So the fate of the other side where Bonnie currently resides rests on a living, breathing human being that we now need to protect.
Elena: We need to protect?
(He brings her to the car and opens up the trunk of his car to reveal Amara tied up.)
Damon: Elena, meet Crazypants. Crazypants, meet Elena. 
Stefan gets to his bedroom and finds Tessa sitting there. He tells her, "You're hurt. I can heal you." She says no. She wants this wound because it's a reminder of what he really is. "Memories are important. I made a mistake when I found you. I eased your pain. You used to have a lot of pain, remember?" She uses her witchy powers to return Stefan's memories - he killed his own father, he forced his brother to become a vampire, he hated himself for a century but then he found Elena (who he then lost). He also felt real physical pain while he was trapped in the safe in the quarry, torturous drowning over and over again.

All these painful memories sweep back to him at once...

"The only thing keeping you sane was the hope that one of the two people you loved would come resue you. But they didnt. I did. Always remember that."

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